AP Pro32 ballot from Berman

AP Pro32 ballot from Berman
November 13, 2012, 5:05 pm
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Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Chris Berman of ESPN:

Week 11


1. Houston Texans - Forceful on both sides of football.

2. San Francisco 49ers - Not sure what that tie was.

3. Baltimore Ravens - Gearing up for two games the next three weeks

against the Steelers.

4. Green Bay Packers - Bye over. Let's see what Mike McCarthy has

cooked up.

5. Atlanta Falcons - Didn't need undefeated questions hanging over

their head anyway.

6. New England Patriots - Back to just outscoring opponents.

7. Denver Broncos - Peyton + defense + special teams = quite a


8. Chicago Bears - Need Cutler for SF Monday Nighter.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers - Need Ben for Baltimore games.

10. Seattle Seahawks - Petitioning NFL for 16-game home schedule.

11. New York Giants - Assuming bye week is what doctor ordered.

12. New Orleans Saints - Run from 0-4 to this. Very impressive.

13. Dallas Cowboys - Bottle that fourth quarter in Philly and use


14. Indianapolis Colts - Colts being 6-3 could be story of the year in


15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Bucs being contenders is another great

story of the year.

16. Minnesota Vikings - So is the performance of Adrian Peterson.

17. Philadelphia Eagles - This losing streak will end soon, right?

18. San Diego Chargers - Better figure it out before arriving in


19. Detroit Lions - Just when you trust them oops.

20. Washington Redskins - Would be nice to win at home.

21. Arizona Cardinals - Lots of people become rejuvenated after a rest

week in Arizona.

22. St. Louis Rams - Should have beaten 49ers.

23. Tennessee Titans - Huge props for one week turnaround.

24. Miami Dolphins - A big step backwards.

25. Cincinnati Bengals - Andy was dandy.

26. Carolina Panthers - Weren't going to beat old friend John Fox.

27. Buffalo Bills - Five of last seven at home.

28. New York Jets - Grounded.

29. Cleveland Browns - Will play hard.

30. Oakland Raiders - Haven't allowed back-to-back point totals like

this since before Al Davis.

31. Kansas City Chiefs - Great professional effort on Monday Night

against Pittsburgh.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jags need more claws.