Shockey says he is no "snitch''

Shockey says he is no "snitch''
October 24, 2012, 6:42 pm
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NEW YORK (AP) Jeremy Shockey says he was not a whistle-blower in the Saints bounties case, and that Warren Sapp's accusation he was has made it difficult for him to go back to New Orleans.

Appearing on Showtime's ``Inside The NFL,'' Shockey says Wednesday about being ``a snitch'' that ``I would never do anything like that.'' He adds he spoke with Saints coach Sean Payton about it and Payton said, ``Jeremy, just let it go.''

The former tight end says NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ``even came out and said I wasn't the person who did it.''

Shockey says he confronted Sapp about the report the former defensive lineman made on NFL Network and Sapp replied he ``wanted to stick by his source.'' Shockey added, ``I don't think his source was all that credible.''


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