The Baseball Show: How to fix the Nats

The Baseball Show: How to fix the Nats
August 23, 2013, 12:45 pm
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As of today the Nationals sit 9.5 games out of the final NL Wild Card spot and, despite a recent three-game winning streak, there may not be enough time left for them to make a playoff push. With that in mind, Mark and the crew discussed what went wrong with the Nats this season and what they need to do this offseason to get back on track in last night's episode of The Baseball Show.

Mark's answer to the latter question is complicated, as it will interesting what the Nats do this winter. Do they need to make sweeping changes or are they as good as we think they are on paper? We know certain positions will have to be addressed, such as Dan Haren's spot in the rotation and a backup catcher. Should the Nats shake things up more than that?

One other change we know the Nationals will be making is at manager. And despite what you think of the debate, it has to at least intrigue Nats fans that Cal Ripken, Jr. is just all of a sudden talking about returning to the dugout as a skipper. His timing seems a bit of a coincidence doesn't it?

The Nats are just over a month away from beginning their search and Ripken is starting to plant the seed. He knows he can't manage the Orioles, if he indeed wants to return now, as Buck Showalter is firmly in place. But what about the club down the road, in a region where many fans from his playing days reside?

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