Cubs catcher suspended for fight with Nats

Cubs catcher suspended for fight with Nats
September 8, 2012, 6:52 pm
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Throughout the bench-clearing brawl between the Cubs and Nationals on Thursday night, it seemed Chicago was the one picking the fight. The league seems to agree as on Saturday it was announced Cubs catcher Steve Clevenger will miss one game due to his involvement in the brawl.

Major League Baseball Tweeted the news on Saturday afternoon and said he will also be fined for his actions. Nats reliever Michael Gonzalez was ejected from the game, as was Clevenger, but a suspension for him has not been announced.

The fight began with Jayson Werth at the plate when he swung at a 3-0 pitch with the Nationals winning 7-2. The Nats had also stolen a base in the inning, something Cubs' bench coach Jamie Quirk took exception to.

Quirk seemed to believe the Nats broke an unwritten rule of baseball, to not pile on when the game is out of hand. Quirk was ejected along with Clevenger and Cubs' reliever Manny Corpas.

To relive the incident, watch the video right here:

VIDEO: Cubs and Nats clear benches