Harper embracing other DC teams

Harper embracing other DC teams
August 9, 2013, 12:30 pm
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As Bryce Harper moves through his first full season as a professional athlete in Washington, D.C., he is starting to embrace the other sports teams in town. He sat down with Comcast SportsNet on Wednesday for his weekly one-on-one interview wearing a customized D.C. United jersey, a Black-and-Red No. 34 kit with ‘Harper’ on the back.

The Nationals star says he plans to start attending games of other Washington teams.

“They just sent [the jersey] to us,” he said. “Of course I’m going to rep anything I can from the D.C. area. I’m very excited to see them play, maybe sometime soon.”

Harper is one of several young superstars playing in D.C. right now. Over the last few years the city has seen a wave of young talent be drafted by local franchises, including Robert Griffin III and John Wall. 

Harper is aware of his place in that mix and is excited to be a part of it.

“I always want them to win. It’s something that you do when you’re in a town that has a lot of teams coming up,” he said. 

“The Wizards, they just signed John Wall to an extension, that’s huge for them. Of course the Redskins have RG3 and [Alfred] Morris, they don’t know who I am, but…”

Harper was referring to a recent story by WUSA-9 when Kevin Jones asked Redskins players if they recognized Harper in a picture. Many of the players could not name him, and Morris even thought he was Tom Brady.

Harper found the story amusing.

“I thought it was pretty funny,” he said. “I think Morris follows me on Twitter too and he still doesn’t know who I am.”

Harper said he’s not sure he would do much better if pressed to name Redskins players.

“Of course RG3 because of his hair and you see him everywhere. Probably Morris. Shoot, I don’t even know their whole team. I know a lot more about other teams. I give them props for even knowing who I am.”

Redskins players may not know who Harper is, but they may see him at a game this year. Harper hopes to make it to Redskins, Wizards, and Capitals games this fall.

“I know a lot of those guys so it’s exciting to see a lot of people play so hopefully I can get out to a few games this year.”