Miami Marlins are using drones in spring training, too

Miami Marlins are using drones in spring training, too
February 19, 2014, 9:00 am
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It appears the Washington Nationals aren't the only major league team using drone cameras to film their practices at spring training. The Miami Marlins, in fact, have also been filming from a bird's eye view, looking for an extra edge for their video coordinators.

While the Nationals have said their drone is simply for promotional videos, the Marlins are using them for baseball purposes. Miami manager Mike Redmond hopes to track routes taken by outfielders on fly balls, among other things.

The Marlins are also using small cameras attached to players' helmets and hats. According to the Miami Herald, Redmond got the idea from a ski trip over the winter.

Marlins video coordinator Cullen McRae also told The Herald they took after athletes in the X-Games.

"The surfers are using them," McRae said. "I saw (surfer) Kelly Slater in a video using it, and (snowboarder) Shaun White."

The Nationals say theirs are simply for scoreboard videos and multimedia promotions, but perhaps they are looking at them for baseball purposes, as well. Matt Williams has said he plans to focus more on defensive shifts, it would make sense to take a look at their formations from overhead.

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