Nats vote to share postseason wealth

Nats vote to share postseason wealth
January 14, 2013, 11:45 am
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The Washington Nationals may have been bounced from the playoffs in devastating fashion, leaving the postseason party earlier than they had hoped and expected, but just because they lost doesn't mean they didn't get paid. The Nationals in fact took home five figure sums as 'postseason shares' for getting as far as they did.

The Nationals players, however, weren't the only ones who profited from the playoff run. According to J.P. Morosi of Fox Sports, veterans on the Nationals voted for the team to share the money with not just those in the locker room, but with scouts and staff in the organization as well. It is a pretty nice gesture by the Nats, to say the least.

Morosi says the postseason share, after adding in the extra recipients, totaled $37,045.32. That's a significant chunk of change. For a Nationals player it may not mean a whole lot, but for a young guy on a scout's salary on the road all year, it probably helps.

General manager Mike Rizzo released a statement on the move:

“That was a nice gesture showing their appreciation for all of the hours and hard work that those individuals put in,” Rizzo said through a team spokesperson. “There are a lot of behind-the-scenes individuals who contribute to a winning season, and I was glad to see our players recognize those people.”

All this begs the question, what about the media that covers them all season? Can they, like, get some of that? Then again, if it's up the players then the chances of that happening are probably non-existent.