Williams, Showalter share managerial bond

Williams, Showalter share managerial bond
July 8, 2014, 11:15 am
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Matt Williams can rattle off the names of several former managers who helped him learn how best to deal with a clubhouse full of major leaguers and keep everybody on the same page: Roger Craig, Dusty Baker, Bob Brenly.

Ask Williams who most taught him how to prepare himself and his team for a ballgame, and there’s one immediate answer: Buck Showalter.

“I try to be as prepared as possible. For me, he was the most-prepared manager I ever played for,” Williams said. “This was back in a time when we didn’t necessarily have the matchup sheets that show what this particular guy is against that particular pitcher for his career, and this year and the last three years, too. But Buck always was prepared for any situation.”

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