Ariza to get photoshopped into Wizards team picture

Ariza to get photoshopped into Wizards team picture
April 7, 2014, 11:45 am
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The Washington Wizards took their team photo on Monday. Well, most of them did.

Here is the picture, tweeted out by the team this morning. 

Notice anything, or any-one missing? For those still not able to spot the oddity:

1) Trevor Ariza isn't there. It's a flu thing. On Friday and Saturday, Ariza battled the Knicks and Bulls despite feeling under the weather.

2) That's Awvee Storey, former Wizard and current Washington Mystics player personnel manager, wearing Ariza's No. 1 jersey (to the right of Otto Porter, behind Ernie Grunfeld).

3) Apparently the team will photoshop Ariza in later

I cannot recall the last time I had genuine excitement in seeing the team photo. Thanks to Ariza's flu and the magic of photoshop, now I do.

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