Beal: I'm weeks away from basketball activities

Beal: I'm weeks away from basketball activities
May 22, 2013, 8:15 am
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Bradley Beal: 'We're definitely on the rise'

Bradley Beal is close to coming back from the stress injury to his lower right leg, but the healing and approval process is taking longer than expected. 

Beal, who missed 26 games as a rookie because of various injuries, had his season end two weeks early.

CSN Washington first reported Monday, citing a team official, that even though Beal had surpassed his six-week hiatus from basketball-related activities that Wizards physicians hadn't examined him even though he was in Washington last week. The team must clear him before he can return to action. 

Beal, who last played April 2, has been spending the off-season in his hometown of St. Louis.

“I still haven’t been cleared,” Beal told CSN after he represented the Wizards at the draft lottery and secured the No. 3 overall pick for the June 27 draft. “It’s been six weeks since I've done any basketball-related activities.  In the next couple weeks or so I’m going to get another X-Ray and see if the (stress reaction) actually started closing and see if can get back out there. Until then I’m still rehabbing, lifting weights and refraining from any basketball activity.”

Beal played through a badly sprained left ankle and already had a high right ankle sprain that hadn't forced him to miss action.  CSN first reported the then-unknown injury March 5.

Playing through the right ankle injury led to the stress injury in the small bone in the leg, also first reported by CSN, once Beal's season was terminated. 

The Wizards (29-53) haven’t qualified for the playoffs for five years, and Beal finds watching the games difficult.

“Sometimes I don’t even watch it because its frustrating. You just wish you were out there.  It makes you want to work on your game.  It makes you just want to go improve and get better,” he said. “I’m going to take my time to rehab. When my time is right is when I’m going to get back in the gym.”

The experience of playing through injuries has given Beal a renewed perspective. He missed 26 games. He should've missed more than that.

“It also gives me the mind-set of just being smart with my injuries. If I feel as if I can’t go, don’t go and try to force the issue,” Beal said. “But at the same time don’t be a little punk.  Be smart, listen tot my teammates.”