Blurry vision or not, Wall ready for Game 4

Blurry vision or not, Wall ready for Game 4
May 11, 2014, 2:00 pm
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This postseason run has been one new experience after another for John Wall. That includes having to wear a contact lens after his right eye was inadvertently scratched in Friday's 85-63 loss to the Pacers.

"It feels weird," Wall said at Sunday's shootaround, several hours before the Wizards and Pacers meet in Game 4. "I have to sleep in it, [keep it] in all day and keep putting drops in it to try and keep it from swelling up. It's different, but as long as it's trying to help me I'm cool with it."

Washington's offense certainly was unsightly in Game 3, setting a franchise record for fewest points in any game. The inability for their point guard to see clearly played a factor. Wall had seven turnovers in the loss. He had six total in the previous five games.

"Last game I couldn't [see]. Everything was like flashing. I was surprised I made even half of those layups. I was shooting free throws with one eye," Wall said.

There is no mystery about Wall's status for Sunday's game: He's playing, the point guard made clear. The Wizards trail the Pacers 2-1 in the series.

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What is uncertain is the status of his vision once removes the contact.

"Haven't taken the contact out since the game so I don't know really how [my vision] would be with just my normal eye," Wall said. "No matter what it does, whether it's blurry or not, I'm still going to play and try to help my team win. That's the most important thing. If there is nothing broken in my body, I'm going to try and come out and compete."

One thing Wall won't try to do, remove the contact.

"Heck no," the point guard said emphatically. "I barely put eye drops in my eyes." 

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