Pistons coach on Wall: 'This guy is good now'

Pistons coach on Wall: 'This guy is good now'
January 19, 2014, 6:00 am
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Detroit Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks know a thing or two about being a point guard, and he saw a masterful performance by one Saturday night. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't Brandon Jennings even though they still were able to beat the Wizards 104-98. It was John Wall, who received yet another endorsement of sorts. 

"As I am watching him play, he has slowed his game down. He attacks when he has space and I think he is a little smoother in everything he does," Cheeks said when Wall shredded Jennings for 34 points on 15-for-23 shooting, including 2-for-2 on three-pointers, six assists and four rebounds. "You can see the time that he has put in his game."

The Wizards (19-20) were in a rut in the fourth quarter and only hung around because of Wall, who scored their last 10 points. He blew by Jennings at will, finished at the rim, through contact and on pull-up shots. Jennings was mostly ineffective, going 4-for-13 for 14 points. Wall's size and speed were problematic. 

"He runs his team well. He runs the break as well as anyone," Cheeks said. "He just has taken his time, and picked up the little nuances of the game and coupled with his ability to get to the rim, he has learned how to shoot the ball and when you have a guy with the quickness that he has, with the ability to get to the rim and then he picks up the jump shot, I think it is pretty dangerous. He plays the game at a nice little speed now and I said to some people, ‘This guy is good now.’” 

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