Seraphin needs to diversify his portfolio

Seraphin needs to diversify his portfolio
April 27, 2013, 8:00 pm
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When Kevin Seraphin makes a decisive move to the basket in single coverage, he can get off his jump hooks in the lane.

But the third-year player for the Wizards had difficulty figuring out how to read the floor and anticipate double-teams. And his lack of versatility caught up to him.

It led to Seraphin holding the ball too long, too many turnovers and some frustrating moments for coach Randy Wittman as the Wizards lost the last six games of the season to finish 29-53. He could be seen on the sideline yelling in Seraphin's ear when he’d come to the bench.

“This year I got a new problem, now they double-team me … so I have to learn now,” said the 6-9 Frenchman, who backs up center Emeka Okafor. “I still need to improve on that, read the game, sometimes face up to see all the game. Not back it in.”

Seraphin averaged 9.1 points, a career high, and 4.4 rebounds. But he only shot 46% from the field. 

Wittman repeated throughout the season that he wasn't happy with Seraphin's aggressiveness going for rebounds. Small forwards Martell Webster and Trevor Ariza, who averaged 4-7 minutes more per game than Seraphin, grabbed four rebounds-plus per game. 

“If you're a big man and you don't take the rebound, that's not a good thing,” Seraphin said.

With Nene often slowed by foot and knee injuries, Seraphin had a chance to get even more playing time but he has to show more consistency. Nene showed him a thing or two about how to play.

In a practice session late in the season, Seraphin tried to back down Nene to get off a hook shot. He was greeted by a surprise. Nene simply backed off, pulling the chair from under Seraphin who fell down. 

Nene went to the other end of the floor and hit the game-winning shot to close out the scrimmage.

“If you don't pay attention, you can turnover easy so for sure. It's tough,” Seraphin said. “I’ll just start to watch video and so I’ll fix it.”