Seraphin out to 'terrorize' Celtics

Seraphin out to 'terrorize' Celtics
November 7, 2012, 2:45 pm
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When you sit down to watch tonight’s showdown between the Wizards and Celtics at Boston’s TD Garden [7:30, CSN], keep a close eye on the battle between big men Kevin Garnett and Kevin Seraphin.

After scoring 19 points in his season debut on Saturday, Seraphin says he’s anxious to see if he can do it again against Boston’s ageless wonder.

But there is more to this story.

On Tuesday, Celtics coach Doc Rivers told that he wants Garnett to be more assertive offensively, insisting he get the ball inside.

Through three games, the Celtics’ 36-year-old veteran is averaging 13 points, his fewest since entering the NBA in 1995 when Seraphin was 6 years old.

Garnett managed 15 points against the Wizards in Saturday night’s 89-86 win at Verizon Center.

So will Garnett heed his coach’s advice and demand the ball?

“Doc Rivers is Doc Rivers, and Kevin Garnett is Kevin Garnett and I have to find a medium and a balance between that,” Garnett told “He’s the captain. I listen to whatever he says. It’s his ship. Within the flow of the offense, I pick and choose. I try to use my discretion and IQ to know when to be aggressive at times.”

Near the end of Saturday night’s game Garnett forced Seraphin to make an errant pass that killed the Wizards’ attempt to complete what would have been an emotional comeback win.

Wizards guard Martell Webster says Seraphin, who was double-teamed late in the game, needs to learn from that play and kick the ball out to an open teammate in the perimeter.

“He terrorizes defenses,” Webster said. “He already proved that. If you have a presence on the inside and he’s demanding a double team, as an offense you should be smiling.”

“He just needs to swing it, don’t force it. He knows that. Don’t try to make something happen, especially don’t try to make home run passes. Just swing it around the horn.
We’re getting kick outs and you gotta knock them down, plain and simple.”