Top 10 story lines: Is Wittman the right man for the job?

Top 10 story lines: Is Wittman the right man for the job?
October 1, 2012, 2:53 pm
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Unlike some other NBA coaches who have been know to coddle their players, Randy Wittman takes a different approach. The first-year Wizards head man is a straight-shooter who doesn't play favorites and makes his players earn their minutes and that's exactly what this young team needs. The Wizards were 20-46 last season and haven't made the playoffs in five years so they have a ton to prove, and Wittman's self proclaimed "old school" approach is exactly what this franchise needs.

After taking over for Flip Saunders last season, Wittman made it clear right away that it was his way or the highway. Who could forget the permanent benching of forward Andray Blatche because he was too out of shape? Blatche was amnestied in the off-season and clearly the message was sent by the Wizards that just because you have signed a big contract doesn't guarantee anything.

"We need to have those guys that when it does become tough, when it does become uncomfortable, they're not asking the whys, they're becoming tougher themselves and digging deeper," Wittman said.

Wittman has seven players still on their first contract playing with the Wizards, so he knows there will be continued growing pains this season but at last they will know where they stand.

"A lot of these kids that come into the league, they are hearing one thing, 'Man, it's great you've made the NBA, you're going to have a lot of money, you're going to have a big house, you're going to have lots of cars.' Nobody tells them how hard it's going to be. You don't hear that, so they don't know. It's not a knock against any of them. It's just they don't hear those things," Wittman said.

With Wittman running the team, the players will now know how hard they have to work to turn the Wizards fortunes around.