Wake-up call: Harrington amends diagnosis

Wake-up call: Harrington amends diagnosis
May 5, 2014, 8:00 am
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INDIANAPOLIS -- Apparently, there's a cure for being "mentally weak." If the start of these playoffs have been in any indication, the Wizards are past that going into Game 1 Monday vs. the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference semifinals. 

"I think we are," Harrington said when asked about his Feb. 8 remarks -- co-signed by Marcin Gortat -- when the Wizards had trouble being consistent and kept losing key games at home. "When things are going good, everything seems like it's right. 

"When adversity hits, how do we handle it? Throughout that series in Chicago we had a lot of adversity. We could've lost Game 1 and 2. We could've lost Game 5 but we found a way to win at the end. Our mental capacity and focus are starting to step up to a level where we're going to be dangerous."

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The Wizards won three of the four games on the road at United Center, including an overtime game there. They won without Nene, who was suspended for Game 4, on their home floor. 

"Hopefully, it'll get us through the second round. We can't get ahead of ourselves," said Harrington. "It's going to take four games to do it. I feel like when we're playing the right way we can win four out of seven games against anybody."

Including the last week of the regular season, the Wizards have won eight of their last nine games. 

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