Wall to Wall coverage of All-Star Wall at All-Star weekend

Wall to Wall coverage of All-Star Wall at All-Star weekend
February 13, 2014, 10:15 pm
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John Wall is already in New Orleans and making the media rounds as part of All-Star weekend. How do we know this? Come on, this is 2014. Everything that everybody does, especially All-Star point guards, is documented by one form of social media or another.

Here we have:

John Wall getting picked up at an airport by a bevy of SUV's and the NBA.com style correspondent

*Even though he doesn't appear in the video, it would appear that Bradley Beal and Wall took the same flight to New Orleans from Houston, where the Wizards played on Wednesday.

John Wall, 360. Neat.

John Wall dancing while walking down steps -

John Wall and the Sports Guy

John Wall on NBATV apparently talking about the Slam Dunk contest:

* Apparently during the interview Wall mentions multiple people could be involved in his dunks. We know Beal is in New Orleans and Louisiana native Garrett Temple is also in the All Star weekend mix as the team's union representative. Code, cracked.

There are three more days worth of events, games and festivities. Something tells me we'll see more of Wall here, there and everywhere in the Big Easy in the days to come.