Wizards need more 'we,' less 'me'

Wizards need more 'we,' less 'me'
November 1, 2012, 11:30 am
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It was only one game -- the Wizards’ 94-84 opening-night loss on Tuesday to Cleveland -- but Wizards’ coach Randy Wittman is concerned about the team's offense, specifically the lack of ball movement.

"I thought we tried to do too much as individuals, which led us into a lot of bad things from an execution standpoint offensively," Wittman said after practice Wednesday. "It was one of those things where we played out of character than we have been playing up to that time, and that was the most disappointing thing for me."

The Wizards shot a paltry 35 percent from the field and the leading scorer was backup shooting guard Jordan Crawford with just 11 points.

"There was a lot of ball stickage, a lot of trying to do too much,” Wittman said. “I don't think it was in a selfish way you know, it was just the adrenaline flowing so high it just snowballed into nothing but bad things and it cost us."

The Wizards have two more days of practice before they face Boston in the home opener Saturday night at Verizon Center. Wittman will use the time to try to get the offense corrected.

"It gives us an opportunity to clean up what we saw against Cleveland," Wittman said.