Wizards summer league: ready, set, goals

Wizards summer league: ready, set, goals
July 12, 2012, 2:01 pm
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The Wizards summer league prep winds down today before the team heads West.For the trio of second-year returnees and pair of drafted rookies, thepotential jackpot in Las Vegas is not solely about wins or stats but ratherachieving goals. In case there is any confusion as to what they areJan Vesely - Make some perimeter shots...Notexactly a stunner of a plan considering the Czech's dismal results last seasonon any anything other than a layup, putback or alley-oop. The oddity is his formlooks nice, even as a rookie. During portions of practice open to the media this week,Vesely was knocking down five in a row, 8 of 10 from deep . Granted, without a defender in sight.The general take on Vesely from frustrated fans and media folk reeks of lostcause. Recalibrate expectations people. In these modern times, the No. 6 pickis not an immediate slam-dunk option. More importantly, Vesely breezily runsand soars on the court, has strong basketball instincts and is tougher than helooks. At this point last year, most discussions about Kevin Seraphin involvedthe word "bust". Now, not so much. Vesely is ahead of Seraphinspace. Except with that shot. Without it, well, lets not go there just yet.
Chris Singleton - Don't worry, be happy...Because hewas the most NBA-ready of last season's trio of rookies and because the Wizardscomically losing ways were on display from the jump, Singleton's plate was fullearly last season. Too soon. Rather than allow the 18th overall pick atraditional adjustment afforded most non-top tier draftees, the Wizards thrustthe Florida State product into the starting lineup eight games in. They taskedhim with guarding the game's elite wing scorers. Game as he was, Singleton'soverall game suffered and in his eyes, an underachievingseason took place.Though Randy Wittman claims Singleton did not lose confidence during theseason, the stats and body language appeared otherwise. Singleton goes after itdefensively, has touch from deep, and understands his role. This summer,rebooting the confidence and forgetting the struggles boosts everything else.Shelvin Mack - Find the floor leader within...Theformer Butler star's transition to the NBA was not simply college to pro butpositional. He may have had the ball in his hands plenty during those FinalFour runs, but with different objectives in mind. The Wizards need asecond-team floor general. In Vegas, that's truly the case except Mack is thestarter, one the team needs to be steady so the entire process does not devolveinto everyone trying to get theirs."Just try to beconsistent. The overall thing is making sure we're winning every game, just tryto get into the offense as easy as possible and just try to make plays, takechances," Mack said following Monday's practice. "It's an opportunityfor me to work on my game. Bradley Beal - Blend in, but don't back down...Forall of Bryce Harper's gifts, the two that have stood out to this baseballobserver, plate patience and toughness. Not overanxious with the bat in hishands, the Nationals 19-year-old clearly is not your traditional wild rookie hacker.Though challenged by big leaguers looking to take down the prized prospect,Harper has not risen to the challenge, yet remained aggressive.Thats the formula for Beal. The wing guard's game is not about volume shooting,but picking moments, then seizing them with gusto. The No. 3 overall pick inthe NBA Draft is also aware "all the other rookies are going to be comingat me hard in Vegas. They will. Like Harper, remain poised, but remainaggressive. As Beal put it, "find my role within the team, dont forceanything, just have fun more than anything." Pretty sure the Nats youngAll-Star would concur.Tomas Satoransky - Leave us wanting more...By us I meanthe Wizards fan base, the chattering class and the entire NBA community.Intrigue surrounding international players often rises on American shores theless we see of them and apparently we wont see much of the Wizardssecond-round selection for a while after Vegas. If during these five games theathletic 6-foot-7 combo guard displays his high-end handle, his dunk contestwinning worthy hops, a flair for the game, we'll remember - and want more.

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