Woodson admits timeout error and blames Udrih, too

Woodson admits timeout error and blames Udrih, too
December 17, 2013, 11:00 am
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Bradley Beal relives his game-winning shot

NEW YORK -- Amidst all the joy in the Wizards locker room from Monday night's thriller vs. the Knicks, Bradley Beal stood with a blank look on his face when asked this question: "Are you surprised they didn't call a timeout to set a play, because they had a few timeouts left?"

Beal paused. "Did they really? Ohhhh. Actually, they had a foul to give. I didn't know they had three timeouts left." 

Someone tried to ask Beal a question about another topic but was despondent as he stood there, sporting a huge smile, and that look of disbelief. 

Beal blew past Beno Udrih for the winning layup and a 102-101 score, but there were 6.9 seconds left and the Knicks (7-17) actually had three timeouts and could've advanced the ball on the inbounds. Instead, Udrih inbounded the ball to Carmelo Anthony who drove the length of the court, even slowed down for a second as his team was disoriented about the situation, and heaved a long three-pointer that was contested by Trevor Ariza. It barely drew iron. 

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Knicks coach Mike Woodson admitted that he erred in not using a timeout, but not without tossing Udrih into the wood chipper.

"I probably should have taken the timeout at the end. Beno grabbed it and the ball was in Melo's hands before I could even react and I should have reacted a lot sooner once the ball went through the bucket so that is on me. We knew we had a foul to give but Beno opened the floodgates. ... It happened so fast," Woodson said. "He was thinking the help was there but it wasn't there so he couldn't even reach to grab the guy to take the foul. We all knew we had a foul to give but we didn't use it and I have to take the timeout." 

Anthony complained that the Knicks didn't make any offensive adjustments in a Nov. 23 loss to the Wizards (10-13) at Verizon Center, when he had 23 points on 9-for-19 shooting. The Wizards successfully trapped him and got the ball out of his hands then. Monday, Anthony had 32 points on 12 of 20. But the Knicks didn't appear to make many adjustments, if any, down the stretch defensively as Beal torched them for a pair of three-pointers to tie the score at 100. 

Beal said there was a lot of "commotion" and the Knicks weren't even sure of their switches on his game-winning drive. And he kept smiling.

He knows that even at their worst, when the Wizards recently lost three games in a row by a total of seven points as they failed to close out, they didn't look this bad on a final play. 

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