Sergio apologizes for racial remarks about Tiger

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Sergio Garcia issues an apology to Tiger Woods

The ongoing feud between Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia took a turn from humorous to awkward and inappropriate Tuesday night when Garcia made a racist jest on stage at the European Tour's gala players' awards dinner. 

Following up on a recent war of -harmless- words stoked by media members, Garcia was asked by the Golf Channel's Steve Sands if he would invite Woods to dinner when the two play in the U.S. Open later next month. 

"We'll have him 'round every night,'' Garcia said, according to reports. "We will serve fried chicken.''

Tiger Woods wasn't laughing. On Wednesday morning he issued the following statements via his Twitter account. 


In the midst of a public relations nightmare, Garcia responded with an apology at an impromtu press conference.

"I obviously want to send an unreserved apology. I didn't mean to offend anyone," said Garcia. "I obviously was caught off-guard by the question but don't get me wrong I understand my answer was totally stupid and out of place and I can't say sorry enough about that.

"Most importantly I want to apologize to Tiger and anyone I could have offended by the comment I made and just say that I feel sick about it. I'm truly truly sorry and hope that we can kind of settle things down and hopefully move on."