[PHOTOS]: The 25 worst uniforms in college football

[PHOTOS]: The 25 worst uniforms in college football
August 21, 2014, 2:45 pm
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Yesterday, we released a Top 25 rankings of the best uniforms in college football. The list was full of tradition, cutting edge design, innovative style, and uniforms that we could stare at all day.

Which brings us to today, where a different Top 25 (or should we call it the bottom 25?) with a completely different feel is being released. 

Presenting the 2014-15 list of the Top 25 of the worst college football uniforms in the NCAA. This list will hurt your eyes, make your stomachs feel queasy, and is not recommended for everyone. What big time schools wear some of the worst jerseys, and which small schools don disgusting looks that you aren't even aware of? Click on the gallery to find out, but be careful. There are some awful designs within these rankings. 

[CLICK HERE for the gallery of the 25 worst uniforms in college football]