Briere's medical advice for Green

Briere's medical advice for Green
January 19, 2012, 10:58 pm
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Flyers center Danny Briere can feel Mike Greens pain and has two words of advice for the Capitals All-Star defenseman.

Be patient.

On Tuesday, Green underwent sports hernia surgery in St. Louis, where protective meshing was used to repair a small tear in his abdominal wall. Hes expected to be sidelined for the next four to six weeks.

Briere, 34, has had similar surgeries twice in his career, the first in 2006 as a member of the Buffalo Sabres, when he had a tear in his right side repaired, and again in 2008 as a member of the Philadelphia Flyers, when he had a tear in his left side repaired.

Hell have some soreness and achiness for a good year, Briere told But if hes patient and he works at it, he should feel that explosiveness and strength in about six weeks.

In 2006, Briere said he went through much of the same frustration Green has endured this season. Green missed 23 games with a groin injury, returned to play parts of two games, then missed four more games before an MRI revealed a tear in his abdominal wall.

Briere took a similar path before his first sports hernia surgery in January 2006, missing eight games with groin strains, returning for three more, then missing seven games while taking anti-inflammatory injections.

I had groin issues in Buffalo for weeks and weeks and weeks, Briere said. Even with an MRI it was tough to find the abdominal tear. I was back playing in four to six weeks, and I was definitely 100 percent in six to seven weeks. I could do everything.

Briere said he was told after his first surgery, which was performed by Montreal Canadiens team physician David Mulder, that there was a possibility he would need surgery to repair his left abdominal wall sometime in the future.

He told me, Now that you have one side tightened up and strengthened, it might happen again on the other side, Briere said. He was right.

Midway through the 2008-09 season, Briere again started experiencing abdominal pain, and the Flyers elected surgery to repair the left side of his abdominal wall. Briere suffered a setback in his rehab when he needed a second surgery to free an entrapped nerve and played in only 29 games that season.

Its perfect now, Briere said.

The one thing I can tell Green is it will feel a little weird at first, a little tight. But thats normal; its part of the recovery. He should be able to do everything hes done, but it probably wont feel perfect until next Christmas.