Bruce Allen Unplugged ... sort of

Bruce Allen Unplugged ... sort of
December 15, 2011, 8:57 pm
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Reporters who cover the Redskins got a special treat Thursday afternoon, albeit one that lasted only 94 seconds: General manager Bruce Allen met with the media.

In his two years on the job, Allen has had maybe a half-dozen sessions that didnt involve the Redskins alumni or the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The subject Allen wanted to cover was former player, defensive coordinator and head coach Richie Petitbons upcoming induction into the teams Ring of Honor.

But with the team 4-9, two of its best players sitting out with drug suspensions and another last place finish probable, we had other ideas.

Here is the full transcript of our session with Allen (with some analysis):

Allen opening statement: Obviously for Richie, a well deserved honor. As weve said a number of times, weve been fortunate to have had so many great coaches and players and to be able to do this for him and his fans is terrific.
This is low-hanging fruit for Allen, who adores the Redskins alumni and made the decision to induct Petitbon. Its a shock that Pat Fischer wasnt at Allens hip for Old School Purposes.

Q: (Something about the Ring of Fame and the Wall of Stars at RFK Stadium, the traditional home to honor D.C. sports greats.)

Allen: Richies contributions to the five Super Bowl teams is significant and for our fans and for his legacy, it belongs where it is.

One question, one question ignored. Supposedly, when he bought the team, Dan Snyder wanted to bring the Washington Hall of Stars to FedEx Field, but the District refused.

Q: How frustrating has this year been?

Allen: Well, were going to play the Giants and looking forward to it.
Two questions, two questions ignored. Even if it took the media 15 seconds to break the mandate that only questions about Petitbon could be asked, Allen had to be expecting somebody to ask about the season. Instead of a canned answer, Disappointed with season. good draft class. want to finish strong. weve had a lot of injuries, we got the above answer.

Q: But do you feel youve made strides?

Allen: This isnt I can talk about that stuff at a later date. But Richie Petitbon had a special day today and the team is getting ready for the Giants.

Three questions, three questions ignored. A softball lobbed by me for Allen to get at least a stand-up double on. Could have used that question to talk up the young players, the improved defensive performance, etc.

Q: Youre the general manager of the Washington Redskins

Allen: Thank you.

Q: and it seems like you should be able to talk about the Washington Redskins?

Allen: I always will. Thats all I do talk about.

Just an unbelievable sequence, but on the other hand, totally believable. Basically, the question is code for, Dude, you have the title of Executive VP and GM of the Redskins. How can you not express at least one opinion on the state of the team and franchise?
Q: You said a few years ago back-to-back last place years isnt Redskins football and youre staring at a very real possibility again

Allen: We play the Giants so maybe after the season, ask me about that.

A perfect score! He ignored each and every question. The suspensions of Trent Williams and Fred Davis were sure to come up, most likely in the next question, but the battle was called.

And with that, Allen was whisked into the complex.

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