Caps NHL's 12th most valuable team

Caps NHL's 12th most valuable team
December 2, 2011, 10:05 pm
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Forbes magazine has released the financial value of teams around the NHL and lists the Washington Capitals as worth 225 million.

This ranks the Caps 12th in the NHL, they trail teams such as the New York Rangers (2nd), Philadelphia Flyers (8th), and Pittsburgh Penguins (9th). The Toronto Maple Leafs are the league's most valuable team at an impressive 521 million. The Rangers are also worth over half-a-billion dollars at 507 million, which makes two NHL teams worth at least double that of the Washington Capitals.

For some context of where the Caps stand in this category, they slot just behind the 11th ranked Dallas Stars (230 million) and one notch in front of the Calgary Flames (220 million). In contrast however, the Capitals hold the third highest payroll of 66.3 million in the NHL according to The Stars for instance have one of the league's smallest payrolls, 26th overall in fact with 52.3 million invested.

Another interesting comparison for the Capitals is where they rank among other professional teams representing Washington, D.C. In January Forbes appraised the Washington Wizards, another team owned by Ted Leonsis, as worth 322 million. Forbes released figures for Major League Baseball in March which held the Washington Nationals at 417 million. And last but not least, the Washington Redskins were valued by Forbes in September at a whopping 1.55 billion.

The Redskins have long been one of the most valuable franchises in all of sports, and when compared to their neighbors in the District of Columbia, you can see a drastic difference. You can combine the values of the Capitals, Wizards, and Nationals to reach a number of 964 million. That is still 586 million dollars less than the total value of the Washington Redskins. It shows you the disparity between leagues, but also the difference in presence each team has in the area and the entire world of sports.