Carter: Congrats to Auburn; BCS is STILL a joke

Carter: Congrats to Auburn; BCS is STILL a joke
January 11, 2011, 3:34 pm
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011, 10:50 a.m.

By Ivan Carter contributor

Hats off to Auburn which pulled out a close win over Oregon in a sloppy yet close BCS title game last night. That said: what about undefeated TCU? Can anyone look me in the eye and tell me that the Horned Frogs, who beat a very good Wisconsin team, don't belong on the same field as either Auburn or Oregon? I will say this: at least Auburn gets a little payback from getting left out in the cold back in 2004 but do you think Jason Campbell feels vindicated? I mean, he's not getting a ring right?

Sally Jenkins, the excellent columnist from the Post, wrote about it today and nailed several key arguments. Check it here. And while we're at it, the sport has lost any sense of fairness with the way athletes are hammered for taking a relative pittance while schools, the BCS, TV networks, coaches (Oregon coach Chip Kelly pulled in 250,000 last night while Auburn's Gene Chizik pulled in 500,000) and sponsors rake in millions off of their efforts. How shameless was Brent Musburger's plugging for Tostitos last night? What, is he getting a lifetime supply of corn chips?

Give is us a playoff and at least we can know that we have a REAL champion. Other than that, college football continues to feel like one big rigged racket that funnels money to the BCS schools and does it's best to leave worthy teams like TCU and Boise State out in the cold. How can anyone look at a TCU player and tell them they could have done better than be perfect? The system is broken.

Change it.


We'll be talking about last night's game, the BCS situation and Cam Newton's NFL prospects on today's show with Post reporter Jason Reid and former GM Charley Casserly. Do you think Newton is a top 10 pick? How about Auburn DT Nick Fairley? What should the Redskins be looking at with their 10th pick? Share your thoughts below and also with the show by hitting me up at twitter.comwashpostlive.