Carter: In Dallas Baby! And Yes, It's Cold!

Carter: In Dallas Baby! And Yes, It's Cold!
February 3, 2011, 4:34 pm
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Thursday, February 3, 2011, 12:05 p.m.By Ivan Carter
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Well, we're here so that's good. After only a slight delay, myself and producer Ryan Yocum arrived in Big D last night. Trouble is, our intrepid shooter, Brooks, got stuck in New Orleans on his way from Orlando and won't be here until a little later. Weather has been THE story around this event so far because no players have gotten arrested (yet), nobody has said anything remotely controversial and, nothing really sexy has happened.With time to kill last night, my goal was to get into as much trouble as possible without getting arrested, fired or married. Especially that last part. Problem is, cabs were impossible to get because of the cold and I couldn't get one from our hotel which is only a few miles north of the downtown party scene so I guess trouble will have to wait until later tonight when we hit the red carpet for the Everything is Bigger in Texas party. Really bummed that I didn't make it to the Ray Lewis party last night. That would've been fun......I'll be grabbing as many interviews as possible for the network and web site and also will check in for my own show today at 5. First a couple of quick thoughts: I've always felt that the Super Bowl should only be played in New Orleans, Miami, San Diego, Arizona and perhaps Tampa. This experience has not changed that opinion. I'm NOT for cold weather city Super Bowls. Let's face it folks, if you want to go skiing, you don't go to Florida.-I HATE national signing day in college football. There, I said it. There's just something dirty about the whole thing. And I couldn't care less about the instant rankings. We'll see whose who in two, three or four years. I mean, who heard of Danny O'Brien two years ago? Or Torrey Smith? -Last night's Maryland-Duke game felt like just about every Maryland-Duke game in recent memory.-There are no cheerleaders here at the Super Bowl. That is stupid.-Totally agree with Feinstein on this one. Something is wrong with the Caps, just don't know what it is. -I'm very happy that DC United made a potentially big move in landing Charlie Davies. If he's physically right, it could be the best move in the MLS this offseason. A good read on Davies by one of my favorite soccer writers not named Goff. I'll have more later. Holla.....