Griffin says meeting with Shanahan 'awesome'

Griffin says meeting with Shanahan 'awesome'
February 26, 2012, 9:15 pm
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INDIANAPOLIS If Robert Griffin III does end up being a member of the Redskins, he will come in with a very high opinion of the head coach.

While discussing Griffins team visits during an appearance on the NFL Network, host Rich Eisen said to Griffin, At least Shanahan has spoken to you.

RG3 responded, "I did speak with Mr. Shanahan. It was awesome."

On Friday, Griffin listed some of the quarterbacks after whom he patters his games and he surely knows that two of them, John Elway and Steve Young, played for Shanahan in Denver and San Francisco, respectively.

Of course, Griffin cant choose his coach, and it would take a blockbuster deal for Shanahan to be able to select Griffin in the draft. But there appears to be something brewing here that could make Shanahan and Griffin a great match if it does happen.