Has RG3 really caught Luck?

Has RG3 really caught Luck?
February 12, 2012, 7:40 pm
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By Ray Frager
Managing editorCSNwashington.com

Those who say cannot know. Those who know cannot say.

That's a truism applied to much higher areas of belief than the NFL draft, but it's often just as applicable.

We hear lots of chatter about the draft, some of it informed speculation, some of it willful misdirection, some of it throwing stuff against the wall. Not to mention the whole blind-squirrel-and-nut variety.

With that in mind, Charlie Bernstein of JagNation.com this weekend has posted a set of misconceptions about the draft, two of which directly affect the Redskins.

Despite what you may be hearing, there is no dramatic narrowing of the gap between Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.

RG3 has the catchy nickname and the flashy game, but Luck remains No. 1 by a large margin, Bernstein writes.

"Robert Griffin III could have a higher upside than Andrew Luck and whichever team trades up to draft him will shout from the mountaintops that Griffin was the No. 1 quarterback on their board. Believe none of it, as Andrew Luck is the player that teams have been pining over for the last two years."

You may not necessarily have to pay through the nose to land the Rams' pick at No. 2.

Bernstein's logic is that, though the Rams are committed to Sam Bradford at QB and thus have no need to keep the second pick to select Griffin, other teams know this as well. And look who's at No. 3 -- the Vikings, who are similarly committed to Christian Ponder at quarterback.

"If the Rams ask for too much compensation for their second-overall pick, teams can simply call up Vikings general manager Rick Spielman and negotiate for a more fair price to get their guy."

So just remember, take that conventional wisdom with a grain of salt -- or maybe with some chopped nuts from the blind squirrel.