Holden Kushner's Nationals Minute

Holden Kushner's Nationals Minute
May 6, 2010, 4:53 pm
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Thursday May 6, 2010 12:51 PMUpdated: 10:07 PM

By Holden Kushner

A Day In The Life of Making Nats Minute

3:40 PM: Walk into Nationals Park in new sneakers, nice shorts and my favorite Tommy Bahama shirt.

3:41 PM: Head to the Braves locker room to find Bobby Cox to get a tutorial on how to get ejected from a baseball game. Cox has been ejected more than any other man in the history of the game.

3:45 PM: Cant find Bobby Cox. Want him to give me a video tutorial on how to get ejected, but I know he doesnt like to talk about it. So I give a head nod to Chipper Jones and keep walking out of the locker room.

3:45:23 PM: I have no idea if Jones even acknowledges my presence. Obviously I care.

4:01 PM: After a 15 minute cat nap in the bullpen, I track down General Manager Mike Rizzo. Yours truly asks him about John Heymans SI.com report that the Nats are going to hire uber-phenom Bryce Harpers coach so they can assure themselves that Harper is comfortable when he is taken first overall in the June draft.

4:02 PM: Rizzo tells me the report is explicative. Lets just say false. I concur. By the way, this is the same reporter that reported Jerry DiPoto was going to be the next General Manager of the Nationals days before Rizzo got the job.

4:03 PM: Time to stop B-S-ing and get to work. I have a video to shoot.

4:06 PM Talk to Bobby Cox in the Braves dugout for about 10 minutes. We talk about how D.C. can be a baseball town if the Nationals get to the postseason a couple of years in a row. He also asks me how Im doing.

4:06:21 PM: Im doing well.

4:15 PM: Cant ask Bobby Cox to do the video tutorial. I know it will upset him because he doesnt like to talk about it. He reminds me of my Grandfather. I wuss out on asking the question.

4:16 PM: I say adios and head to the Nats dugout.

4:23 PM: Danny Rouhier and I do our stand-ups as we get ready to shoot this:

4:37 PM: Out of nowhere a security guard tells us he doesnt have a tazer and nobody in the Park has one. He has no idea we arent talking about moronic Philly fans.

4:38 PM: The same security guy jokes that hes tazed his wife for making a bad dinner. Not exactly PC, but really funny. I get the sense its a good thing he doesnt have a tazer and has never had one.

4:40 PM: John Lannan agrees to star in our video. He asks a good question: Holden, who let you on the field?"

4:41 PM: I ponder who actually did allow me on the field and why they agreed to do so.

5:21 PM: Grab Adam Dunn out of the dugout after batting practice. He thinks we are doing a boring interview on defense.

5:23 PM: Dunn learns were doing a spoof and decides to tell us about the pee test he needs to take immediately. Hes accommodating, gives us a sound bite and leaves with a smile.

5:27 PM: Ian Desmond agrees to be a part of our endeavor. We talk about how he learned to use his glove by putting it on his left hand and not on the right. Brilliant!

5:28 PM: Desmond tells me, This better not jinx me on defense.

5:30 PM: I tell Danny goodbye and walk up to the press box with camera manproducer Brian Jackson.

5:40 PM: Stuff my face with the media buffet.

7:00-End of the game: Watch the Nats lose in extra innings. Zero errors by Desmond. Whew!

11:45 PM: Watch the video, pass out and sleep.