Insight To McNabb Trade

Insight To McNabb Trade
July 26, 2010, 10:45 pm
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Monday, July 26, 2010, 6:44 p.m.CSNwashington.comPhillys View Of McNabb Trade
At the conclusion of an eight-story series on the Eagles deciders, the Philadelphia Inquirer went in-depth to provide the Eagles side of the Donovan McNabb trade to the Redskins."We weren't in a panic mode, because we could've waited another year and it could've played out that way - but if we waited a year, maybe there would've been much less market value for Donovan," owner Jeffrey Lurie said. "He wouldn't be under contract to us, so we probably would've had to franchise him to have market value."Other interesting tidbits:The Eagles informed Fletcher Smith, McNabbs agent, on March 23 that he was on the market. The first two teams to express interest were Oakland and Buffalo and even though McNabb wasnt interested in either team, one Eagles source said in the story he thought a deal with Oakland was going to be completed.The Redskins had continually expressed interest, according to the story.McNabb was taking a nap when Smith called him on Easter Sunday to tell him of the Redskins trade.Nationals Ratings Improve
The Nationals may be in the NL East cellar (again) but their television ratings are no longer the worst in baseball.According to USA Today, the Nationals rank 28th in local ratings obviously a nod to Stephen Strasburgs arrival.St. Louis is No. 1, followed by Boston, Minnesota, Philadelphia and Cincinnati. The Red Sox have led baseball the last six years.