Kellie DCU post match quotes


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Kellie DCU post match quotes
September 18, 2012, 10:15 am
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D.C. United Head Coach Ben Olsen

On the friendly with Paris Saint-Germain:

“Historically, players are pretty revved up for these games. It’s a great opportunity for these guys and I think prepared mentally, and throughout the group, it was a really good exercise. We got some minutes for guys who haven’t had a ton of them and the subs came in and did a good job. Overall, it was a pretty good team exercise.”


On Ibrahimovic’s goal:

“I will have to look at it again to see where our line was. It was a great play. He gave him [Daniel Woolard] a little shove and the ball was right there for him. It was interesting that he chose not to shoot the 13-yard shot and choose a left footed curling ball. He’s a pretty impressive guy.”


On D.C. United’s performance:

“I thought our possession was as good as it has been all year. It was because of the fact that we just played simple. We didn’t complicate, we just got the ball to the next guy and gave the next guy more time on the ball. Everybody wanted the ball and we were confident.


“I thought our outside backs did a good job of getting forward – we asked them to do that before the game. Dudar’s passing helps us. Over 90 minutes, the amount of possession he gives you is real and I thought defensively he had a pretty good day too. Branko [Boskovic] was sharp, Perry [Kitchen] did his job, there wasn’t too many performances that I wasn’t happy with.”


On Long Tan’s first start:

“I thought Long Tan put in a good shift. He was busy, his running off the ball is good and his work rate is very, very good.”


On looking ahead to Columbus:

“My minds on Columbus. Our guys hopefully aren’t too happy with themselves and continue moving forward in this League. I believe in this group.”


D.C. United Forward Josh Wolff

On being content with the final result:

“Of course [I’m content]. I think we didn't start particularly well, or you could say that [PSG] started extremely well. They got a good goal, obviously, they brought a big-time forward and that’s what you get. They are littered with fantastic players. I think at first we might have been off struck and weren’t quite into it as much as we should have been, but then we settled in and got some of the possession. It was ok.”


On the second half:

“Overall, I think the second half was fine. The rhythm got altered compared to the first half. I think both times had plenty of chances to get more goals and at the end of the night our goalie made a couple of good saves and we missed a couple opportunities. It happens.”


D.C. United Goalkeeper Bill Hamid

On the team’s attitude:

“We didn't want to come into this game with a relaxed attitude because they could punish us. We came out and proved what we can do. We moved the ball around, opened them up, got a goal and got a result.”


On directing the defense to contain Zlatan Ibrahimovic:

“It was demanding. I was definitely trying to make sure the guys knew where Ibrahimovic was. He’s very smart, you can see it on the field. He was trying to drift off the defenders so the defenders turn the heads to look at the ball. All I did was let them know to keep an eye on him and it worked out well; he didn't get any crosses in or any attempts on goal with his head.”


D.C. United Forward Dwayne De Rosario

Overall thoughts:

“I think by the way we played this is a boost of confidence. If we can play with teams like PSG, then we can play with any team. We just have to show up and play with that same confidence.”   


PSG Head Coach Carlo Ancelotti

On Ibrahimovic’s play:

“We have to be happy because he was also motivated to play - he wanted to play, and that’s good. The goal was fantastic - he showed fantastic ability in that situation. This is Ibrahimovic.”


On Ibrahimovic’s presence for PSG:

“We don’t change our style or our identity.  Of course the teammates search him because he has the quality to keep the ball, to pass the ball, to score.  So it’s normal that he will be more involved in our play.”


On the American tour:

“Yes - I’m very happy.  I told the players before the game, you know - we trained very well, we found very good facilities.  The place to train at the university was fantastic, to train there.  We are happy.  We did what we wanted to do. And now we come back in Paris, we have to be focused on the next game, once we start our championship in 10 days.  I think that the condition and the spirit of the team is good."


On D.C. United:

“D.C. United played a tough game.  This team is very dynamic, they show good football because they played from the back, showing a good ability. Played good organization.  I think it was a good game for us, for our preparation. Was interesting game for us and I think that this game helped us to improve.“


On Ibrahimovic’s comments comparing PSG to Milan:

“I don’t know.  It’s not important, I think, to make comparisons with another team.  The objective is to get better, our quality, our identity, our playing philosophy.” 


Paris Saint-Germain FC Forward Zlatan Ibrahimović

On his first match with Paris Saint-Germain:

"I feel good, very good. I mean I scored a goal, and my condition is not 100%. I’m still working hard to reach 100% and I’ve been training with the team for 3-4 days. So, it’s important for me to play today; I played 30 minutes, and next game hopefully I’ll play more and get in better shape.”


On the key difference between playing for AC Milan and playing for Paris Saint-Germain:

“This is a new team. This is something new, a beginning, and it’s a new project going on and like I said, here is the future. Milan is also good and I had a great time in Milan and I did good in Milan. This is a new team, new players, new experience, so it’ll take time. Hopefully, it won’t take too long to adapt to the team.”


On Paris Saint-Germain’s goals for the 2012-13 season:

“We’re aiming for everything – we’re in the Champions [League]. Of course a top team has to win everything – so, you have a top team and you’re only missing the winning things.”


On his first goal with Paris Saint-Germain:

“It was a good goal. [Jeremy] Menez gave me a good ball and I come into the space. I tried to fight the angle to shoot and I shoot with my left and it went in.”


On his main motivation at Paris Saint-Germain:

“I try always to be motivated. I’ve been here for three or four days and I’m very happy to be here, to get to know the players. It was my first game, my first appearance and this is so over, so just to continue to train hard and come in shape and to be 100% condition.”


On why he thinks that AC Milan will not be as successful as Paris Saint-Germain this season:

“Because they lost their two best players.”


Paris Saint-Germain Forward Péguy Luyindula

On the expectations put upon Paris Saint-Germain:

"We feel that pressure. We’re used to playing big teams and we’re used to winning titles for most of us. We’re used to this level. Pressure is a good thing.”


On if he thinks that Paris Saint-Germain will win the French League in 2012-13:

“We cannot say that we’re going to win the league until we play it. So, we’re going to play our best and just see at the end if it was that small or not. I think before we speak, we have to win it.”


On the biggest difference between the Paris Saint-Germain of last year versus this year:

“There’s a lot of change, especially a matter of money, and I think the coach and all the staff bring that.”


On how he feels about fighting for his spot on the team:

“I think that’s the rule when you play in the big clubs. I’m okay with that. It’s been a long time I’ve played in the league here and I’ve won all the titles in this country. I like winning. It’s difficult to play, it’s better to improve yourself.”


Terry Lefton of @sbjsbd reports NHL has signed big sponsorship deal with Pfizer, which will use it to promote Advil. #notsatire

— Chris Botta (@ChrisBottaNHL) September 18, 2012

On his first impressions playing with Zlatan Ibrahimović:

“He’s the star. In just one action, he can prove himself.”


On what Zlatan Ibrahimović is like in the locker room:

“He’s a big personality. Most of the younger players are in admiration of him because he did a lot and he’s won a lot.”




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