Lakers attend Arenas workout

Lakers attend Arenas workout
February 13, 2012, 4:34 pm
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The Los Angeles Lakers need backcourt help opposite Kobe Bryant. Badly. Immediately, assuming they want enough time to incorporate a new guard into their system before the run up to the NBA Playoffs. Reports have team officials on the hunt, specifically attending a private workout of a former All-Star guard who once dropped 60 points against them.That's right, the Lakers are eyeing Gilbert Arenas. The rest of us are eyeing a potential must-watch basketball scenario, one that has scoring potential, but could quickly turn into a hardwood train wreck. Desperate times apparently call for the baller formally known as Agent Zero, or at least an opportunity to kick his tires. According to a Yahoo report, the Lakers had representatives on hand Sunday as the former Wizards guard worked out privately in Southern California.Traded by the Wizards last season, the 30-year-old Arenas has not played in the NBA this season. Afterserving as a bit player in 49 games last season, averaging eight points, Arenas received his lucrative pink slip fromthe Orlando Magic in the preseason under the league's amnesty clause. Tack on a 50-game suspension from the NBA for bringing a gun into the Wizards locker room on top of multiple knee injuries and Arenas rarely saw the court in recent seasons.
So why would the Lakers show interest - the degree to which remains unclear - in an oft-injured scoring guard who no longer apparently scores?For starters, just about any option looks better than continually brutal Derek Fisher. According to, Fishers PER (Player Efficiency Rating) ranks 48 out of 50 NBA point guards who average at least 20 minutes per game. His backup, former Maryland star Steve Blake, ranks one spot ahead. Also, it sounds like Arenas might actually be healthy for once. This from's basketball writer Sam Amick:"Sources said he has worked his way into shape and is feeling better than he has in years after having the same platelet-rich therapy treatment conducted on his knees that the Lakers' Kobe Bryant and Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez went through. Arenas also had the procedure done on his hips as a preemptive measure that is often used on athletes who, like Arenas, have a history of knee problems."Still, even if Arenas found the Fountain of Youth or had his knee dipped into the River Styx, the ball-dominatingguard would seemingly need a new basketball outlook before a pairing with Bryant made tactical sense. Arenas has never shown an inclination to play off the ball, a must when sharing the backcourt with the NBA's fifth all-time leading scorer. Perhaps having been released albeit with a cool 60 million or so coming his way over three years - has changed Arenas.Regardless, I guarantee an entertaining time, I guarantee we watch. That is, assuming the Lakers liked what they saw on Sunday.

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