McNabb won't distance himself from agent

McNabb won't distance himself from agent
December 28, 2010, 5:54 pm
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010, 12:53 p.m.

By Ryan OHalloran
Staff writer

During his weekly radio show, Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb maintained support for his long-time agent nearly a week after Fletcher Smiths explosive statement criticizing Mike and Kyle Shanahan.

McNabb has refused to address reporters since his benching 12 days ago but continues to make his contractually-paid appearances on ESPN 980.

McNabb also said a report saying he would ask for his release is false, but did say a meeting between Smith and Mike Shanahan will happen sometime soon and he wants a swift resolution to his future with the Redskins.

If they had the answer, obviously you would like to hear it, McNabb said. You dont want it to drag out.

The only thing gleaned from the show is that for McNabb to return to the Redskins, which would seem remote at best, he said, things would obviously have to change, relationships have to be better, conversations have to be better but thats something you do over time. Its a progression.

Last Thursday, Smiths statement created more McNabb-Redskins drama, forcing Mike Shanahan to release his own reaction hours later and Kyle Shanahan to meet with McNabb later that night.

Given several chances to contradict Smith, McNabb declined.

I support my agent and his thoughts, he said. He put his thoughts into the whole deal, not Donovans thoughts. Weve been working together for years and will continue to work together for years.

I was upset about the reaction of the whole deal. Did you see anything that Donovan said?

Clearly, McNabb is delusional about the expected reaction. Smiths statement was unprecedented for an agent and obviously crafted after his conversations with McNabb, who admitted the way he was benched two weeks ago was somewhat unprofessional and odd.

McNabb exited after 13 games (5-8 record) and a career-high 15 interceptions. He will again serve as the No. 3 quarterback Sunday against the New York Giants.

McNabb confirmed Kyle Shanahans comments last Friday that the two met after Smiths email went out to reporters.

I came in, we sat down and we discussed a lot of different things, McNabb said. Those are things Ill keep between Kyle and I. We got things on the table and we were able to move on. Were on the same page and able to iron some things out.

The amount of and intensity of the leaks to national media about his performance continue to gnaw at McNabb although he express it in a subtle way.

Obviously, there have been things put out there, leaked out there as far as me not being able to grasp the offense, me being stubborn in running the offense, me not being able to read defenses, McNabb said. When you hear things like that, you begin to question whose thoughts they are.

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