MissChatter: Bryce Harper Found In NY Bar

MissChatter: Bryce Harper Found In NY Bar
August 11, 2010, 8:02 pm
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010 3:53 pm

By Miss Chatter

Momentarily avert your eyes from last night's 8-2 loss to the Marlins, turning them instead on the impending draft signing deadline a mere five days away. NatsTown waits to find out the future fate of the franchise not only after Strasburg's shaky return from the DL, but also with regards to 1 overall pick Bryce Harper. Will the deal get done on time? Will it be minutes or even seconds before the deadline like Strasburg? The phenom slugging catcher turning outfielder will turn 18 on October 1st -- not even old enough to drink in a bar. Yet, that's where he was recently spotted. Well, not him personally, but I'll get to that...

While attending Blogs With Balls 1.0 last year, I discovered this awesome bar in NYC. Well, discovered is probably not the most accurate word, since it was the site of the BWB after party. Upon walking in, visitors' senses are immediately astounded by all the baseball memorabilia crammed onto every wall and in every nook at Foley's NY. Shoulder-to-shoulder bobbleheads continuously, well, bobbled on a case in the back room as attendees mingled and sent vibrations of their footsteps through the floor. I would love to return and spend half a day just going through and mentally inventorying it. Since the bar was so crammed with reveling sports bloggers that night, I didn't get much of a chance.

I did, however, have the joy of chatting baseball with Mark Healey, host of Baseball Digest Live and online editor of Baseball Digest, until the wee hours of the morning before my train was due to return to DC. I think we ended up out-sobering most everyone else and had a long lively banter about the Nats, Manny Acta's potential fate (this was right when rumors of his firing popped up), and Mets. Healey used to do his radio show live from Foley's. If you don't listen, you should - they always have great guests and it's a great way to pass part of the workday. The chance meeting has also given me the honor of being a recurring guest on the show (and my nerves are getting slightly less anxious with each appearance). Today, he told the story of our meeting following my guest spot, and it reminded me of spotting Harper's baseball there -- not personally.

Were it not for Blogs With Balls, I likely would never have met Amanda Rykoff, another passionate baseball fan. Amanda is also a Foley's NY frequenter and recently shared a photo of a Bryce Harper signed baseball in Foley's on her Flickr stream. Note, she has a photoset of Foley's baseballs as well.

Courtesy of Amanda Rykoff

So while Harper may not be able to enter a bar himself yet, his signature already has a home in a Manhattan establishment without him playing one inning of professional ball yet. All's mum on the contract negotiations front and I don't expect we'll hear much until the deadline.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to come up with 11 items of good cheer from last night's 'Strasmas' against the Marlins and Strasburg's return from the 15-day DL. Pardon me while I ponder... but I will get to it, I swear! Or warn...