No moral victories

No moral victories
November 22, 2011, 3:01 pm
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Yes, the eventual division co-leader needed overtime to beat them, but the Redskins, while pointing out the positives, werent buying into the Close Is Good Enough theory on Monday.

We were extremely competitive against a team that is now first in the division, said nose tackle Barry Cofield, referring to Dallas. We had a good chance to beat them twice this season.


I dont even really understand the concept of a moral victory, but there are things you can learn from and build on, Cofield said. There is no moral victory column, but it is a building process.

Teams can improve whether they win, lose or draw. Theres something to be said for that. If guys stay focused and continue to prepare and we can get on the same page, we can win some games.

Last week, Cofield said if the Redskins continued their ways, the season could become historically awful.

Reflecting on that comment Monday, he said: Honestly, last week, I was just saying if we didnt do things better, if we didnt go out there and try to win the game, we wouldnt win a game. I was saying nobody is going to hand it to us.

Cofield pointed to certain aspects the Redskins need to do better to be get their fourth win.

Its a thin line between winning and losing and the better teams, the teams that are more consistent, the teams that more often than not win the turnover battle, the teams that win on third down, they win the majority of those games, he said. Weve learned that and when we get better, well become a winning team.