Ovechkin: 'Of course, I want to be on the ice'

Ovechkin: 'Of course, I want to be on the ice'
November 2, 2011, 5:35 pm
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Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin talked with reporters today about his reaction to being benched in the final minute of regulation in the Capitals come-from-behind 5-4 overtime win against the Anaheim Ducks at the Verizon Center.

Here is a quick transcript of the interview:

On if he has talked to Bruce Boudreau:

I didnt talk to Bruce, but it is what it is. Brooks Laich line deserved to be in that kind of moment on the ice. They played great last night, no doubt about it. Last night, they deserved to be there. If you deserve to be on the ice in that kind of moment it doesnt matter who you are, you have to be in there.

On what was said to Boudreau:

That was just talk. Of course, I want to be on the ice in that situation. It doesnt matter who I said it to or what I said. It looked funny on TV. I dont know. Right now, its a big story, but it was just a little bit frustrating because Im a leader on the team and I want that kind of responsibility. But he used Brooks line, and it worked. Of course, Im understanding. Brooks line played unbelievable last night. They shut down Ryan Getzlafs line and they scored four goals.

On whether he wants everyone to be held by the same standards:

Its one team, and it doesnt matter how good you are or who you are. If we want to win, we have to be on the same page, everybody.

On if getting benched late in a game ever happened in his career:

When I was a little kid. So Im right now back at a young age again. So thank Bruce.

How old were you?

Fourteen years old. Its something that happens. I didnt talk to Boudreau yet and whether we talk or not I dont know. It was frustrating. That kind of situation pissed me off but in that situation he did what was good for the team and I have to respond to that.

On if this will be remembered:

Everybodys going to forget about it. Probably crazy fans are laughing at it on Internet on YouTube. But these situations happen all the time. If you say something bad to somebody you can see everybody likes trash talking. It is what it is.

On if hes satisfied with his play this season:


On his play last night:

I had a couple chances. I think in the first period I had one good chance and missed the puck. On one goal by Anaheim I tried to read the game but I didnt, and my mistake cost us a goal. Everybody has mistakes, and I dont know if I should have been on the bench or not.