Playing Redskins' INT guessing game

Playing Redskins' INT guessing game
October 18, 2011, 2:16 pm
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Following his four-interception game Sunday, which resulted in his benching, Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman didnt wait to get asked about each miscue.

Im sure most of the questions will be about the interceptions, he said.

Showing the moxie of a veteran passer, Grossman then ran the media through each turnover without the benefit of watching the game video.

Twenty-three hours later, coach Mike Shanahan was asked about the four interceptions. He didnt offer the same response.

I dont go through all that kind of stuff, he said. Thats for you guys to decide.

Well, here goes.

After reviewing the TV tape the NFL Rewind package coachs tape package isnt yet available and we have zero knowledge of play call, protection, route running etc. its time to take some guesses per Shanahans request.
INT No. 1: First drive of game, third-and-16 from Eagles 38 thanks in part to Trent Williams holding penalty. Formation was 4WR-0RB-1TE (Helu motioned out of backfield). Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. Grossman threw 36 yards to TE Fred Davis on a deep post. Grossman was pressured when Jason Babin and Trevor Laws stunted and Laws rushed free. Release time was 2.44 seconds.
Grossman: Third-and-long, just out of field goal range. I wanted to try and complete a pass to get into field goal range and I saw Fred beating his guy. I didnt like my underneath coverage and I had to make a quick decision to put the ball up so Fred could just go and get it. The ball should have been on the 2. I didnt think that was a big deal. When you start off the game getting great field position, we didnt take advantage of that.
Our guess: Possibly thinking that a deep shot would be as good as a punt for field position purposes.
INT No. 2: Third drive, trailing 17-0, first-and-10 from own 15-yard line. Formation was a 2 WR1RB2TE. Four-man rush vs. seven or eight-man rush. It was clearly a deep shot opportunity thanks to the two-man route and heavy protection. Grossman had Gaffney open on a deep post 35 yards downfield but underthrew him and was intercepted by Nate Allen.
Grossman: The second one was a play that I didnt throw it far enough. We put the play in on the sideline. Thats normally a play I can hit in my sleep.

Our guess: Kyle Shanahan wanted to give Grossman a shot to get going and Rex responded with a under thrown pass at the 2.66-second mark.
INT No. 3: Eighth drive, the Redskins trailed 21-6 and face a second-and-12 at the Eagles 21-yard line. Formation was 4WR-ORB-1WR. Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. Grossman again looked for Davis on deep post but the tape intimates that Davis hesitated on breaking off his route, which allowed Coleman to make his second interception.
Grossman: Some of these, you have to trust the other people to make a cut to cross a safetys face. Im not saying Fred didnt do that but when things are tight, you have to make a quick decision and I was trusting he was going to make a cut. But he wasnt able to.
Our guess: Hearing Grossmans post-game session, it guaranteed further examination and the Davis hiccup showed what was going on. Add to that Shanahans short reveal that a benching depends on who is at fault equals that Davis made the error and earned Grossman another series.
INT No. 4: On the next drive, still down 20-6, the Redskins had a third-and-10 from their own 37. Formation was 4WR1RB0TE (Davis in WR spot). Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. Grossman was in trouble at 2.10 seconds. Maybe a product of new OL, Locklear looked inside (even though his help Helu was on the left side) and was late to block Tapp. Montgomery got away with a hold on Jenkins. Grossman scrambled and his pass intended for Gaffney was intercepted by Coleman 9 yards downfield.

Grossman: It was a scramble play. I thought Jabar was coming back for the ball and the defender was there.

Our guess: Grossman could be right, but at this point, the blame is Everybody and Shanahan had no choice but to make a change.

Guessing time is over.

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