Plummer: Shanahan not 'special coach we thought he was'

Plummer: Shanahan not 'special coach we thought he was'
November 21, 2011, 5:43 pm
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Its public knowledge the Mike Shanahan-Jake Plummer relationship deteriorated quickly during the 2006 season in Denver.

The Broncos, a year after reaching the AFC championship game, were 7-3 when Shanahan benched Plummer in favor of Jay Cutler. Denver finished 2-4 and out of the playoffs.

Plummers rights were later traded to Tampa Bay but he retired after the season.

Appearing on Phoenix-area radio station XTRA Monday, Plummer weighed in on Shanahan and the struggling Redskins. (Courtesy of

Im not sitting here gloating or feeling better about his lack of success, Plummer said. Hey, I was lucky to get the opportunity to play for Shanahan. He helped turn my career around and gave me a chance to show that I was a winner regardless of how things went down.

I think were seeing he isnt the special coach we thought he was.

Plummer said Shanahan isnt like some of those guys who will take a player, and change his philosophy to suit the players skills.

Look at what John Fox is doing, Plummer said. You think hes going to force Tim Tebow to throw 30 times a game? No. Theyre going to try to win with what he can do.