Redskins no longer oldest team in NFL

Redskins no longer oldest team in NFL
December 15, 2010, 9:10 pm
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

By Rich Tandler
Redskins Blogger

The Washington Redskins are no longer the oldest team in the NFL.Based on the ages of the players on each teams 53-man roster going into the games of Week 14, the Redskins are tied for the sixth-oldest team in the NFL. The average age of their roster is 27.8 years (all ages are as of Dec. 31, 2010).Going into the 2010 season, the NFL released age data for the 32 teams' rosters and determined that the Redskins were the oldest team in the NFL.
Washington's average is just a shade above the NFC average, which stands at 27.7 years old. The NFL average age is 27.2.The oldest 53-man roster belongs to the Baltimore Ravens, who come in at 28.3. They are followed by the Vikings (28.2), Browns (28.0), Steelers (28.0), and Bears (27.9). The Redskins are tied with the Jets for sixth. The remainder of the ten oldest teams are a shade over a month older than the Redskins with the Saints, Chargers, and Seahawks all coming in with an average of 27.7 years old.The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the NFLs youngest team with a roster averaging 25.6 years old. Working up the list from there, the second-youngest team is the Panthers (26.2) with the Eagles (26.3), Jaguars (26.4), and Dolphins (26.4) rounding out the youngest five.Skins startersThe Redskins starters also are among the oldest in the league but a bit younger than a few other teams. Washingtons starting 22 (all starters as designated on the Week 14 depth charts on averages 28.7 years old. That also is tied for the sixth oldest in the NFL.The teams that have the five oldest groups of starters are the Ravens, Vikings, and Cowboys (all at 29.2 years) and the Cardinals and Titans (both at 28.8). The starters for the Saints and Broncos average 27.7 years old, the same as the Redskins.The youngest starters belong to the Panthers (25.5), followed by the Bucs (26.0), Eagles (26.3), Dolphins (26.6), and Raiders (26.7).The average age of Washingtons starters matches the NFC average at 28.7. The average starter in the league is 28.0 years old.Six starters over 30Six of the Redskins startersLB London Fletcher, FB Mike Sellers, QB Donovan McNabb, C Casey Rabach, NT Maake Kemoeatu, and WR Santana Mossare 30 or older.Fifteen other NFL teams have more starters over 30. The Titans have the most with 10, followed by the Vikings and Browns with nine each.The Dolphins only have one starter who has seen his 30th birthday and the Panthers and Texans have two apiece.The Redskins have a total of 14 players 30 or older on the roster. Four teams have more than that while five other teams also have 14. The NFL average is 11.Heading in the right direction?Age, of course, is just a number. Not all young players are equal and not all old players are equal.Generally speaking, if your team is successful you dont mind being older. The Ravens and Steelers certainly arent worried about being among the four oldest teams in the league since they are sitting with nine and ten wins, respectively. The Bears are sitting atop the NFC North and theyre not worried about their average age.Teams like the Redskins, Vikings, and Browns, however, with five wins each have to be concerned. Aging and mediocre is not where you want to be in the NFL.It does appear that the Redskins are headed in the right direction. There are 25 players currently are on the roster who were not on the either the 53-man roster or in the teams injured reserve list in 2009. Of those 25 new players brought in by Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen, 20 are 28 years old or younger.This next draft and free agency period will be critical to the team getting younger. If a four or five drafted players can push out some of the older players and some free agents in their primes (26-28) can do the same, the Redskins could be dramatically younger as a group in 2011.However, if only a few draft picks make the team and the free agents acquired skew on the older side, the Redskins are likely to end up the same as they are nowaging and mediocre.All ages are as of 123110; Startersreserves as of Week 14 depth charts:

Players over 30Wk 14TeamStartersTotalAvg. AgeAvg StartAvg bu1BAL81428.329.227.02MIN91428.229.227.43CLE91628.028.427.84PIT81628.028.626.85CHI81527.928.527.56WAS61427.828.727.17NYJ71327.828.526.28NO81327.728.726.69SD51227.728.026.610SEA41127.727.627.711ATL51227.628.327.212AZ81227.428.826.413SF71427.428.026.814TEN101527.328.826.215OAK51427.226.727.516DEN81227.128.725.117DET5827.127.526.818HOU2627.027.226.919NYG
3826.326.326.631CAR2626.225.526.632TB3425.626.025.4NFL Avg6.110.827.227.926.4NFC Avg7.213.627.728.426.9AFC Avg4.87.626.727.425.9You can reach Rich by email at and follow him on Twitter @RealRedskins.Join Rich Tandler for an in-game chat during the Redskins-Cowboys game on Sunday. Things will get underway on shortly before kickoff at 12:45 Eastern and continue all game long.