Redskins receivers lack YAC

Redskins receivers lack YAC
February 14, 2012, 11:54 am
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One of Redskins coach Mike Shanahans talking points near the end of the year and certainly at the Senior Bowl was the lack of big plays in the passing game.

The example he returns to: A Redskins receiver never caught a touchdown without first being in the end zone.

Shanahan is almost right, and he makes a valid point.

The Redskins dont just need a quarterback to spark their offense they need a playmaker outside who can scare defenses.

Last season, the Redskins 19 touchdown passes ranked 23rd in the NFL, and they were 12th in 20-plus passes (57) and tied for 20th in 40-plus passes (seven).

The biggest indictment of all is that the Redskins longest reception of 51 yards (by Donte Stallworth) was the shortest long reception of any NFL team (hope that makes sense).

The Redskins didnt have a touchdown reception thrown by a quarterback that was caught outside the end zone until Stallworth -- in Week 16 against Minnesota -- and he caught the pass at the 3-yard line.

Heres a breakdown of each Redskins touchdown catch and where it was caught:
NY Giants: Rex Grossman 6 yards to Anthony Armstrong (end zone); Grossman 4 yards to Jabar Gaffney (end zone).Arizona: Grossman 1 yard to Fred Davis (end zone); Grossman 18 yards to Santana Moss (end zone).At Dallas: Grossman 1 yard to Tim Hightower (end zone).At St. Louis: Grossman 6 yards to Moss (end zone).At Carolina: John Beck 7 yards to Davis (end zone).San Francisco: Beck 9 yards to Gaffney (end zone).Dallas: Grossman 16 yards to Gaffney (end zone); Grossman 4 yards to Stallworth (end zone).At Seattle: Grossman 2 yards to Davis (end zone); Grossman 50 yards to Armstrong (end zone).New England: Grossman 9 yards to Gaffney (end zone); Banks 49 yards to Moss (33 yards after catch); Grossman 6 yards to David Anderson (end zone).Minnesota: Grossman 5 yards to Stallworth (3 yards after catch); Grossman 4 yards to Gaffney (end zone).At Philadelphia: Grossman 47 yards to Roy Helu (caught 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage).That about says it all, doesnt it?