Redskins Rewind: Week 10 playing time

Redskins Rewind: Week 10 playing time
November 15, 2011, 3:41 pm
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Playing time totals and observations from the Redskins 20-9 loss at Miami on Sunday:

OFFENSE (54 snaps)RB: Roy Helu 31, Ryan Torain 23, Darrel Young 8.

TE: Fred Davis 54, Logan Paulsen 16, Mike Sellers 1.

WR: Jabar Gaffney 51, Leonard Hankerson 45, David Anderson 29, Anthony Armstrong 8, Terrence Austin 3.

QB Rex Grossman and OL Trent Williams, Chris Chester, Will Montgomery, Mo Hurt and Sean Locklear played all 54 snaps.
Playing time analysis:RB: Torain started and was the first- and second-down back for the games first six possessions, but didnt play during the final four series. The same with Young he played only one second-half snap.

TE: Davis went the distance for the second straight game. Paulsen played at least one snap on the first eight possessions before the Redskins fell behind by two scores. Sellers lone snap came on a goal-line play in the first quarter.

WR: Armstrong may say hes not in the dadgum doghouse, but he cant get on the field. Anderson was signed on Tuesday and played on every possession on Sunday. Since somebody has to play Hankersons snaps, maybe Austin gets back in the mix against Dallas.

The Dolphins three sacks of Grossman:
1. First quarter, third-and-4 from Redskins 26. Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. Karlos Dansby rushes unblocked for the sack in 2.15 sacks when Chester blocks inside man and Locklear blocks outside man who ends up following Helu in coverage. It was an 11-yard loss.

2. First quarter, third-and-2 from Miami 20. Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. Jared Odrick used as a defensive tackle and went outside on LG Mo Hurt in 2.68 seconds almost untouched for 12-yard sack. Gano missed 50-yard field goal.

3. Fourth quarter, second-and-10 from Miami 29. Five-man rush vs. six-man protection. Trent Williams picked up a blitzing CB Will Allen, allowing LB Jason Taylor to beat Hurt in 2.37 seconds for 7-yard sack. Three plays later, Gano missed from 49 yards.

Overall analysis: The Redskins tried to establish the running game on their opening series but it didnt work. On the first play, Davis and Locklear were both beat and on second down, DE Kendall Langford stopped Torain for a 1-yard gain when he wasnt blocked.

The second series began with a boost Grossman 17 yards to Hankerson plus a 15-yard penalty when Paul Soliai late-hit Rex, who quickly re-grouped and threw 20 yards to Gaffney. But like a lot of drives, the Redskins stalled in opponents territory when Grossman was sacked on third-and-2 from the 20. Gano missed a 50-yard field goal.

The Redskins short-field drive embodied the season. First-and-goal from the 5: Torain gained 2 yards when Dansby was unblocked (again). Second down from the 3 Torain gained 2 yards when Soliai beat Hurt. Third down from the 1 Torain scores TD but Paulsen held S Yeremiah Bell. Third down from the 11 Jason Taylor perfectly times the snap to pressure Grossman, who threw 3 yards to Helu.

Be interested to see what coaches would say about the opening play of the fourth series: Bad throw, drop or both? The Redskins used a seven-man protection and Davis ran downfield, but Grossmans throw didnt lead him at all and Davis semi-stumbled, semi-dived and semi-dropped the pass. Andersons first catch as a Redskin converted a third-and-16 (14 yards). Grossmans first interception was 16 yards downfield when Hankerson slipped coming out of his route.

We covered a play-calling nitpick on Sunday but here it is again. The Redskins had a first-and-5 from the Miami 28. First down Dansby was again unblocked and stopped Torain for a 2-yard gain. Second down Grossman held the ball for 4.13 seconds and scanned the field before dumping off to Young for a 3-yard loss. Third down Grossman threw high and wide to Anderson. The first down call is our second guess. Its almost like a free down. Take a shot.

A Kerrigan sackforced fumble set up the Redskins at the Miami 24 early in the third quarter. Under fire (seven-man rush vs.six-man protection), Grossman threw 11 yards to Gaffney on third-and-6 to Dolphins 20. But Miami blew up a tight end screen on the next play, resulting in a six-yard loss. The third-and-goal play from the 5 another seven-man rush vs. six-man protection. Grossman was forced to throw incomplete in 1.84 seconds.

Midway through the third quarter, on a third-and-4 play, Hall blitzed for the first time in recent memory, so Moore threw 26 yards to Marshall. Golston was lost for the season when he was rolled up from the side during a 1-yard run by Thomas.

Down 13-9, the Redskins moved from their own 41 to the Miami 10 early in the fourth quarter, mostly on a 22-yard catch by Hankerson on third-and-10. The second Grossman interception, the area he threw into was so congested, it makes his decision even more maddening.

Down 20-9, the Redskins last drive was low-lighted by two batteddeflected passes, an Austin dropped pass, a sack allowed and a missed field goal.

DEFENSE (67 snaps)DL: Stephen Bowen 53, Barry Cofield 47, Adam Carriker 45, Kedric Golston 19, Chris Neild 18, Kentwan Balmer 5.

LB: Ryan Kerrigan 67, Perry Riley 65, London Fletcher 65, Brian Orakpo 64, Rob Jackson 5, Rocky McIntosh 4.

DB: LaRon Landry 67, Reed Doughty 67, DeAngelo Hall 63, Josh Wilson 56, Kevin Barnes 14, Byron Westbrook 9.
Playing time analysis: DL: Bowen and Cofield saw action on every possession. Golston played nine of 13 snaps on the third series and 7 of 10 on a third-quarter series. Look for more of the same action from Neild he subbed for Cofield on parts of eight possessions. Balmer made his Redskins debut by playing five of 10 snaps on the second-to-last series.

LB: Kerrigan remained perfect for the season in terms of playing time. In his first NFL start, Riley was subbed for only two snaps (by McIntosh). An interesting look to start the third series RileyMcIntosh as the inside linebackers and Fletcher not on the field for two plays.

DB: Landry and Doughty played every snap and the only three plays Hall missed were two goal-line snaps and a fourth-down play when the Redskins went with heavy personnel. Wilson missed nine plays because of injury but returned to play the final seven snaps. Westbrook replaced Wilson on each of those plays.

Overall analysis: The Dolphins used a nine-man protection on their opening snap, a gadget play that had QB Matt Moore starting out wide and ending up with the football. He threw 34 yards incomplete to Brandon Marshall when Hall broke up the pass. Marshalls first big play was a 26-yard catch on third-and-8 when he broke inside when Halls hips were turning outside. On the next play, Moore passed quickly to Marshall, but Riley and Bowen snuffed it out for a 4-yard loss. The Dolphins scored a touchdown to open the game on Bushs quick-cut, 1-yard run.

The Redskins first takeaway came on a third-and-31 play from the Dolphins 19. They rushed four against Miamis six-man protection. Barnes said he had safety help behind him so he looked at the tight end underneath and the interception was his when Moore pressured by Cofield threw 16 yards downfield. Barnes returned it to the 5-yard line but the Redskins only got a field goal.

Miami made it 10-3 with a 13-play, 82-yard drive bridging the first and second quarters. Two big plays were Hall missing a tackle 5 yards downfield, resulting in a 13-yard pass to Davone Bess on third-and-7 and a helmet-to-helmet hit by Kerrigan on RB Daniel Thomas (possible third-and-10 from the 19 turned into a first-and-10 from the 10).

Off their first interception, the Dolphins missed a 49-yard field goal. Miami converted a third-and-6 when Moore threw in .82 seconds to Marshall (behind the line of scrimmage) for a 15-yard gain. The drive got derailed on the next play when Fletcher beat Colombo to throw Bush for a 3-yard loss. On second down, Kerrigan hit Moore and Cofield almost had an interception.

The Redskins two sacks of Moore:
1. First quarter, second-and-27 from Miami 23. Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. Kerrigan beat Dolphins RT Marc Colombo in one-on-one match-up in 2.56 seconds to sack Moore and force a fumble that Richie Incognito recovered to make it third-and-31 (interception next play by Barnes).

2. Third quarter, second-and-7 from Miami 28. Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. Kerrigan rushed and was immediately unblocked by the Dolphins when Reggie Bush went on a flare route instead of picking him up. He sacked Moore in 2.07 seconds, forcing fumble that Stephen Bowen recovered (led to a field goal).

SPECIAL TEAMSKickoff coverage: Gano, Westbrook, Gomes, Doughty, McIntosh, Sellers, Jackson, Young, Alexander, Armstrong and Austin.

Kickoff return: Banks, Westbrook, Young, Gomes, Doughty, McIntosh, Riley, Golston, Alexander, Sellers and Jackson.

Punt coverage: Rocca, Sundberg, Young, Riley, Doughty, Austin, Westbrook, Sellers, Alexander, McIntosh and Gomes.

Punt return: Banks, Gomes, Westbrook, Austin, Young, Alexander, Sellers, White, Jackson, Paulsen and Wilson.

Analysis: Rookie Markus White made his NFL debut by playing on punt return he was a healthy inactive for the first eight games. Banks 22-yard return was aided by the 14 yards of room he had at the time of the catch (4.53 seconds). Young got away with a block from behind on the return and Banks got away with an unsportsmanlike conduct flag when he spiked the football on the field of play after the return.

Ganos four kickoffs (hang time, distance, return, Miami starting point)
4.31 62 12 Miami 15
4.28 EZ TB Miami 20
4.29 70 33 Miami 25 (5 yards deep)
3.94 EZ TB Miami 20

Roccas two punts (hang time, distance, return, Miami starting point)
3.93 49 19 Redskins 45
3.81 44 3 Miami 27

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