Redskins Rewind: Week 13 Special Teams

Redskins Rewind: Week 13 Special Teams
December 6, 2011, 8:06 pm
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A look at how the Redskins' special teams performed Sunday in a loss to the New York Jets:

Kickoff return: Banks, Westbrook, Sellers, Jackson, Alexander, Paulsen, Riley, McIntosh, Gomes, Doughty, Alexander.

Kickoff coverage: Gano, Stallworth, Armstrong, Alexander, Fox, Jackson, Sellers, Riley, Doughty, Gomes, Westbrook.
Punt return: Banks, Westbrook, Armstrong, Barnes, Alexander, Sellers, Jackson, Doughty, Fox, Stallworth, Paul.

Punt coverage: Rocca, Sundberg, Westbrook, Paul, Doughty, Gomes, Riley, Alexander, Sellers, Fox, McIntosh.

Ganos six kickoffs (hang time, distance, return, starting point)
4.06 53 14 NY26
3.97 65 8 NY8
4.19 67 17 NY15
1.19 43 -1 NY21
3.10 45 29 NY49
-- Onside -- W25

Roccas six punts (hang time, distance, return, starting point)
4.38 37 FC NY16
4.59 43 Fumble
4.28 38 FC NY18
3.72 39 14 W47
3.69 38 FC NY23
4.41 29 FC NY11

Overall analysis
Graham Ganos first attempt at a pooch kickoff worked he had 4.06 seconds of hang time and Sellers made the tackle unblocked. The first bit of trickery this season by the special teams came on Brandon Banks second kick return when he ran left and pitched it back to Anthony Armstrong, who gained an additional 28 yards. Bad decision by the Jets Joe McKnight when he caught Ganos kickoff just inside the end zone but in the corner. Byron Westbrook and DeJon Gomes werent blocked and the Jets started at their own 8-yard line. Rob Jackson committed his third special teams penalty of the year and it didnt need to happen. The play had long since gone downfield. One of the worst non-calls in a Redskins game this year was the Jets being penalized for running into the kicker (5 yards) instead of roughing Sav Rocca (15 yards). Rocca injured his left ankle on the play. The Redskins got their first special teams takeaway of the year when Jeremy Kerley fumbled a Rocca punt. Niles Paul hit Kerley right after he dropped the kick and Perry Riley recovered. Paul made another play to start the second half, beating a block to make sure the Jets started inside their own 20. Banks 6-yard loss on a punt return was doomed from the start he caught the punt (4.68-second hang time) with his momentum going backward and things didnt get any better. In golfing terms, Gano chunked his kickoff that traveled only 45 yards. The Jets returned it 29 yards and started their go-ahead touchdown drive at the Redskins 49. Banks returned his final kickoff 41 yards and was helped by Mike Sellers driving (ok, maybe holding) Donald Strickland 20 yards up the field.

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