Redskins Rewind: Week 7 playing time

Redskins Rewind: Week 7 playing time
October 25, 2011, 3:10 pm
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Playing time totals and observations from the Redskins 33-20 loss at Carolina on Sunday:
OFFENSE (67 snaps)RB: Roy Helu 33, Tim Hightower 31, Darrel Young 25, Ryan Torain 3.

TE: Fred Davis 64, Logan Paulsen 14.

WR: Jabar Gaffney 47, Anthony Armstrong 44, Terrence Austin 37, Niles Paul 25, Santana Moss 11, Leonard Hankerson 1.

QB John Beck and the offensive line played all 67 snaps.

Playing time analysis:
RB: Hightower started and played all but six of 34 first-half snaps but departed on the second series of the third quarter with a knee injury. The emphasis on two-back formations was shown by Youngs increased playing time, which also had him in motion to receiver as well. Helu played each snap of the last four possessions.
TE: No Chris Cooley meant increased playing time for Paulsen, who played six of seven snaps on a third-quarter touchdown drive.

WR: Moss (broken hand) left during the second series and did not return. Austin and Paul had season-high playing time totals. Hankersons first NFL snap came during the now-infamous fourth-quarter Beck interception.

Overall analysis: Becks first drive featured four passes beyond the line, 12 and 22 yards downfield and a bat down. Youngs strong blocking game started on the second play when he accounted for safety Charles Godfrey, opening up 10 yards for Hightower. Hightower helped make Becks first completion (16 yards to Moss) happen when he picked up blitzing safety Sherrod Martin. Young got away with a motion penalty when he left the backfield and was definitely heading forward. The first drive almost ended when LB James Anderson dropped Becks interception at the Panthers 36.

Count the good blocks on Hightowers 17-yard run to start the second drive Paulsen, Locklear, Montgomery and Cook all opened up room. Paul drew the penalty on Anderson (punch, 15-yard call) that turned a fourth-and-4 from the Redskins 36 into a first-and-10 from the Panthers 49. The next play was a 17-yard Hightower run around the left side. Davis drove Anderson out of the play. The drive stalled when Beck had his second bat down in as many possessions.

The Redskins received another 15-yard gift in the second quarter when S Captain Munnerlyn was called for face-mask (on Gaffney) while Armstrong was making a 9-yard catch on third-and-7. Typical of the Redskins offense lately. Putting together a nice nice, they had a first-and-5 from the Panthers 29 at the two-minute warning. Cue nothingness. Hightower 3-yard run, Beck intentional grounding (11-yard penalty), short pass, 49-yard field goal. On Becks penalty, he was hit in 2.03 seconds. DE Greg Hardy didnt buy the play action and was unblocked. It was the Redskins second intentional grounding penalty of the year.

The last possession of the first half started with a Gaffney drop 29 yards downfield and, on the next play, he caught Becks pass 3 yards over the middle but was stripped and lost the fumble.

To start the second half, Beck threw 22 yards downfield to Gaffney, who gained an additional 10 yards. The drive ended on a fourth-and-2 sack by Anderson (see details below).

The Redskins finally discovered their tight ends down 16-6. During a 7-play, 82-yard drive, Beck threw 22 yards to Davis, 24 and 24 yards to Paulsen and 11 yards to Davis. The passes traveled 11, 12, 8 and 11 yards, respectively, in the air. The Redskins scored a touchdown (4-yard Beck scramble) despite Torain losing 7 yards on first-and-goal from the 8 when Young whiffed on Anderson.

Down 23-13 with 2:17 left in the third quarter (translation still plenty of time), this was how the Redskins responded: Armstrong dropped a pass 15 yards downfield. On the play, the Redskins kept seven in protection. On the next play, Davis was open but dropped a pass 12 yards downfield. They punted two plays later and when they next got possession, the Panthers lead was 30-13.

Highlights from the last touchdown drive included Pauls first NFL catch (14 yards) and consecutive catches by Davis of 17 and 14 yards. Why didnt Carolina send more pressure at any point? The Panthers had to know Rex Grossman was cooped up in the locker room, too ill to stand on the sideline. On an obvious passing possession, they blitzed on only three of 10 plays.

The Panthers three sacks of Beck:
1. Third-and-15 from Panthers 45. Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. Antwan Applewhite used an outside move to get around Jammal Brown in 3.03 seconds. He also forced a fumble that Carolina recovered.

2. Fourth-and-2 from Panthers 40. Four-man rush vs. six-man protection. The Panthers blitzed two up the middle Roy Helu picked up safety Charles Godfrey but linebacker James Anderson, slight delay, got around center Erik Cook for the sack. Shanahan said it was a bad play call.

3. Third-and-1 from Redskins 29 (garbage time). Three-man rush vs. five-man protection. Charles Johnson used a spin move to get inside of Sean Locklear for the sack in 2.75 seconds.
DEFENSE (67 snaps)DL: Barry Cofield 56, Stephen Bowen 49, Adam Carriker 42, Kedric Golston 23, Chris Neild 12.

LB: Ryan Kerrigan 67, Rocky McIntosh 67, Brian Orakpo 59, London Fletcher 55, Keyaron Fox 12, Rob Jackson 8, Lorenzo Alexander 1.

DB: LaRon Landry 67, Reed Doughty 65, DeAngelo Hall 65, Josh Wilson 65, Kevin Barnes 19, DeJon Gomes 2.

Playing time analysisDL: The line is healthy compared to other parts of the team but the Redskins really rode Cofield he played all 12 snaps of the opening drive and 12 of the 14 snaps of a second-half possession. The long drives equaled more playing time for Neild, who spelled Cofield at nose tackle.
LB: Fletcher missed his first snaps of the year when he pulled up with a hamstring injury and missed the last three series. He was replaced by Fox. Jackson continues to get a look here and there to relieve Orakpo. Alexander saw his lone snap in a goal-line situation in the second half. Kerrigan remains the only Redskins defensive player to not miss a snap this year.

DB: During a 10-play second-half drive, the Panthers were in such good down-and-distance situations, the Redskins didnt play nickel the entire possession. Hall and Wilson missed only two snaps in a goal-line situation. Doughty got the wind knocked out of him and missed two snaps, replaced by the rookie Gomes. Phillip Buchanon was active for the first time this year but was limited to special teams.

Overall analysis:
The Panthers first drive began to tell the overall story Steve Smith would be unstoppable and Cam Newton would do whatever he wanted. Newton threw 9 yards incomplete to Smith on second play, but he was open against Wilson. Play of the game was Newtons 25-yard scramble on third-and-9 from his own 21. Barnes missed at the 7, Hall at the 26 and Fletcher at the 31. Newton held the ball for 15.32 seconds. Brandon LaFell had a great block on Landry. On the next play, Hall gave a ton of cushion and Newton threw quick to Legedu Naanee, who gained 7 yards. Orakpo got lost in coverage, leaving FB Jerome Felton alone for a 17-yard reception.

The Redskins had Carolina backed up to start the third drive (Panthers 11). It didnt matter. Jonathan Stewart ran 29 yards on the second play when Orakpo, Wilson and Landry either didnt set an edge or were blocked to the inside. Newton threw in 2.94 seconds on third-and-12, 13 yards to Smith, who ran an out route when Hall got his hips turned inside. The next play was another quick throw to Smith. At the catch, Wilson was 12 yards beyond the line of scrimmage. The 21-yard play opened up when LaFell blocked Barnes and LT Jordan Gross wiped out Wilson.

Halls lone interception opportunity came late in the first half when he correctly read Newton was going to TE Greg Olsen. Hall left his receiver and nearly jumped over Olsen for the interception in Carolina territory.

Carolina started the second half with a two-play touchdown drive. Newton threw 37 yards to LaFell when Doughty blitzed and Barnes, playing as a safety, had no chance in coverage. The next play was Newton in the shot gun, faking the handoff and then sprinting 16 yards for the TD. Fletcher and Landry bit on the fake and then couldnt catch Newton.

After the Redskins made it 16-13, Carolina got the momentum back when Smith lined up in the slot and when Wilson turned his hips inside, ran a deep out for a 33-yard catch.

Once the game was out of reach, Carriker, Golston and Fox drew holding penalties. Newton had 3.81 seconds when throwing 18 yards to Smith. Newtons best throw came when Wilson had great coverage 36 yards to the Redskins 1.

The Redskins four sacks of Newton:
1 First-and-10 from Redskins 48. Six-man rush vs.six-man protection. One side, Adam Carriker beat G Geoff Hangarten. On the other side, LaRon Landry delayed blitzed and they met at the quarterback in 2.94 seconds. Setting up the sack was Ryan Kerrigan beating Byron Bell.

2. Second-and-5 from Panthers 47. Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. Adam Carriker rushed unblocked when Bell stepped inside and blocked nobody. Sack was 2.09 seconds.

3. Second-and-10 from Redskins 11. Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. Orakpo rushed from blind side unblocked and hit Newton at 2.01 seconds.

4. First-and-10 from Panthers 20. Five-man rush vs. six-man protection. Kerrigan beat Bell to force Newton to scramble and Cofield pursued to not let him get around the edge. Newton out of bounds at 6.25 seconds for a 1-yard loss. Sack to Hall, who didnt touch Newton.
SPECIAL TEAMSKR: Riley, McIntosh, Doughty, Fox, Young, Golston, Alexander, Sellers, Paulsen, Banks and Paul.

KC: Gano, Paul, Austin, Alexander, Armstrong, Young, Sellers, Riley, Doughty, Gomes and Buchanon.

PR: Banks, Wilson, Landry, Paul, Buchanon, Fox, Jackson, Alexander, Young, Sellers and Riley.

PC: Rocca, Sundberg, Gomes, Alexander, Sellers, Fox, Young, Armstrong, Doughty, Riley and Paul.

Ganos five kickoffs (hang time, distance, return, Carolina starting point)
3.78 EZ Touch back Panthers 20
3.98 69 15 Panthers 11 (after penalty)
4.12 EZ Touch back Panthers 20
4.01 EZ Touch back Panthers 20
-- Onside Carolina rec. Redskins 49

Roccas one punt (hang time, distance, return, Carolina starting point)
4.84 37 Fair catch Panthers 35

Overall analysis:
Carolina kicker Olindo Mare is a veteran but he still has a big leg he totally neutralized Banks in the kickoff return game, often clearing the end zone with his kicks. Buchanon made his season debut after a four-game suspension and one healthy scratch by playing kickoff coverage. Carolina twice made a run at Paul on kickoff, sending a front-line player to block him as soon as Gano kicked off. Roccas single punt was a season low. Gano attempted his first on-side kick of the season.

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