RG3 likes to run but passes first

RG3 likes to run but passes first
February 26, 2012, 12:12 pm
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INDIANAPOLISRobert Griffin III was asked what misconception he believed he needed to clear up as he talked to teams at the NFL Combine.

I think its just a misconception that comes with being a dual-threat quarterback, the Heisman Trophy winner. Youre run first, throw second. I think Ive proven Im throw first, then run if I need to.

The numbers show that Griffin ran a lot. Last year, he passed 402 times and he had 179 rushing attempts.

The NCAA counts sacks as a rushing attempt for the quarterback so to make a more accurate comparison well back out the 29 sacks that Baylor counted on its team. That would leave RG3 with 150 rushing attempts and a run-pass ratio of about 1 run to every 3 passes.

That seems high for a pass-first QB but Baylors offense has to be taken into consideration. In Baylors spread offense there are a lot of zone read plays when the quarterback is called upon to run.

According to one analyst who had seen every one of Griffins 2011 games, fewer than half of RG3s runs were of the planned variety. But he pointed to Baylors offensive line as a major factor in why Griffin took off so frequently. The line was, in his estimation, one of the worst in major college football. Griffin frequently dropped back only to find the rush in his face immediately. He often had to take off running for reasons of self-preservation if nothing else.The analyst said that while Griffin would occasionally run when he had more time to check more options but that his statement that hes throw first, run when I need to is largely true.Rich Tandler will be covering the NFL Combine from Indianapolis all week. Any questions? Hit him up on Twitter @Rich_Tandler.