RG3's 'stock' about where it was a week ago

RG3's 'stock' about where it was a week ago
February 27, 2012, 2:05 pm
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INDIANAPOLISSince Robert Griffin III ran a 4.41 in the 40 yard dash here at the NFL Combine on Sunday there has been a lot of commentary that the price to move up in the draft to take RG3 has reached astronomical levels.

The Browns are among the teams who need a QB and covet RG3, and the Rams asking price just went through the roof, read one typical comment.

I think everyone needs to take a deep breath here. Yes it was good for Griffin to run a fast 40 and for him to be charming and charismatic on the podium in front of the press on Sunday. It also was good that he was measured at 6 feet 2 38 inches.

But earlier this week, before he even came to Indianapolis, we knew that Griffin was smart, fast and about 6-2. Nothing happened to change those perceptions. So why is the value of the second overall pick, the one that likely will be needed by any team that wants to draft Griffin, all of a sudden through the roof?

The answer is that its not. The value of the Rams pick will be determined much more by which teams answer their quarterback needs in free agency than readings on scouts stopwatches today. That will determine if the Redskins, Browns, Dolphins, and perhaps the Seahawks and a mystery team are bidders for the pick at all. If multiple teams are interested the bidding will be driven up. If fewer teams are, the price will be lower.

And the interest of the bidders wont be heightened much by what happened at the combine. Sure, its good to know that Griffin has the speed to run away from NFL defensive backs as well as he eluded Big 12 DBs. But the hours upon hours of film study will determine just how much they value Griffin and the second pick. The 4.41 seconds RG3 spent in Indy will barely be considered.

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