Should the Redskins add a pass rusher?

Should the Redskins add a pass rusher?
February 15, 2012, 10:25 pm
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I was looking at a list of the top 10 free agent edge pass rushers compiled by Pro Football Focus and I started wondering if the Redskins might be looking for another player who can get heat on the opposing quarterback.

They did add Ryan Kerrigan to the mix last year and he certainly will be a solid player for years to come. But still they had just 41 sacks last year. That put them tied for 10th in the league and thats not bad but it could improve. The Redskins rarely seemed to terrorize opposing quarterbacks on a consistent basis and that is what is needed to compete with the three top-tier quarterbacks in the NFC East. And, like at every other position, depth is critical. You cant let your pass rush disappear due to an injury or two.

It seems doubtful that they would go after any of the players on the top of the PFF list. Mario Williams, John Abraham, and Robert Mathis will be too expensive to consider for duty only in passing situations. But digging just a little further we find some lesser names like Jeremy Mincey of the Jaguars, who is just a notch below elite, and Mark Anderson of the Patriots, who seems to be hitting his stride as a pass rusher at age 29.

What do you think? Should the Redskins roll with Kerrigan, Orakpo, and the others they have rushing the passer from the edge? Or should they try to bolster their pass pressure in free agency?