UFC Super Bowl Why Not!!?

UFC Super Bowl Why Not!!?
January 14, 2011, 9:14 pm
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Friday, January 21, 2011 4:21pm


By Greg Schultheis

Here is an interesting thought why isnt there a UFC Super Bowl? It may be the time to create an affair that emphatically trumps all other events. Something so big, that it defines what the Ultimate Fighting Championship stands for.

The promotion puts on 20 events every year, but they all follow the same pattern. Each card has it set of preliminary fights, and then it breaks into the main card featuring the more renowned fighters. Imagine a night where every fight was worthy of being a main event. This may be a crazy idea, but hear me out. What if at the end of each year (or any particular month in a year) the UFC set up title fights in every weight class all on the same Pay-per-view?

This is a simple idea and would be relatively easy to pull off. The UFC would set up matches between the current champions in every division and make them defend the belt to the 1 contender in their class. You ask well what if one of the current champions is injured at the time or they recently defended their belt. If the title holder is unable to defend their crown, the fight can be replaced with an interim championship match. The 1 & 2 contenders can duke it out to be next in line to go after the gold.

How will this effect all of the UFCs other PPVs? Would an event of this scale make them seem inferior? Absolutely not! The UFC has an excellent track record of putting together great events all the time and by doing this it just gives MMA fans something to look forward to every year. One obvious thing they may do is boost the price of this event 15-20 more than an average shows price. I have no doubt that fight fans would be more than willing to fork over a few extra bucks for something like this.

A UFC mega event would just add to what it means to be the best in the world and it would give the UFC the ability to showcase its best talent. With whats at stake, it would almost guarantee each fight would be exciting and the buzz around the event would be incredible. The PPV numbers would blow the roof off and it would be great for the sport of MMA in general. Call me crazy but I say why not?