Which way are the Redskins going?

Which way are the Redskins going?
February 25, 2012, 7:19 pm
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INDIANAPOLISIf you want evidence that the Redskins are looking anywhere and everywhere for a franchise quarterback, just look at this post from the site of noted draft analyst Tony Pauline.

The first entry has them being aggressive about getting a deal done that would net them the best young quarterback in the draft.- The word in Indianapolis is the St Louis Ramswill do everything possible to move the second pick of the draft. We hear there have been exploratory talks with theWashington Redskinsin the early going.Immediately after that, the Redskins are reported to be all over a Hall of Fame quarterback if he becomes available.- If Peyton Manning is cut by theIndianapolis Coltsword is the Redskins will be front and center with an offer for the future Hall of Famer.So what is "the word"? Its possible that the Redskins smoke machine is operating at full capacity these days. It also could be that they are seriously considering all options and are piling contingency plans on top of each other.

Stay tuned.