Word on the Street - Capital Pain

Word on the Street - Capital Pain
April 14, 2011, 2:02 pm
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Thursday, April 14, 2011 10:22 a.m.
Updated, April 14, 2011 5:34 p.m.
By Benjamin Standig
Beninati talks Caps on 980
Kevin and Thom talked puck with the great Joe Beninati following the Capitals overtime win. With the locals controlling much of the action and stiffing the Rangers scoring chances, Sheenan felt it was somewhat flukish that the final was only 2-1 and stated the Capitals would finish off the series in a breeze. Beninati, the Capitals play-by-by announcer did not disagree, sticking with his prediction of Washington in six.

On a game like last night where Washington played one of its best defensive games in memory, they limited New York really to perhaps single digits of quality chances and that was the longest Rangers-Caps game that has ever been played in their all-time history in the postseason, Beninati said. Mikael Neuvirth, to play as soundly as he did, he had pretty much a rocking chair night compared to how busy Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist was on the other end Lundqvist is bound to steal a game in this series.
Kobe's colorful choice of words
Sheehans pal Scott Van Pelt called in for his weekly spot and talked NBA, including a heated debate with Thom over Kobe Bryant getting caught on camera uttering a slur and whether the punishment fit the crime. In short, Scott (with Kevin concurring) said he doesnt condone the language, but if we are going to start policing whats said on fields of play, and courts and rinks, where does it stop I think people get really sensitive about words that are used literally that are not meant literally. The NBA tried to get out ahead of it with a giant fine.

I think Kobes apology was pathetic, I think hes lucky he wasnt suspended for a couple of games, a fired up Loverro countered.
Van Pelt: Are you kidding me?!?! People are applying political correctness to places where it has no application.

Or at least thats what it sounded like he said for at the same time Loverro bellowed, There is nothing politically correct about insulting a whole group of people! Thats not politically correct!Measuring up to JordanAdrian Worjnarowskis NBA column also looks at the Lakers stars outburst and says its another example of how Kobe Bryants final career hurdle isnt matching Michael Jordans six titles. Its dealing with his own temper, which has proven to be both a blessing and a curse. (Yahoo Sports)Redskins Locker talk
National Football Posts draft guru and frequent Lunchbox Live and CSNwashington online guest Wes Bunting participated in a twitter mock draft today and had the Redskins trading down to No. 14, then drafting quarterback Jake Locker. Hes not the only linking the Washington and the University of Washington passer together.Game 1 ratings
Apparently a few people turned in to watch Caps-Rangers Game 1 last night. (Washington Post)
Mayock rising
Joe Theismann and Matt Millen are reportedly being replaced in the Thursday Night Football booth
Semin saves the day

The Washington Capitals entered their Eastern Conference quarterfinal series seeking some kind of declarative statement that this time it's going to be different.Alex Semin's goal with 1:36 left in the first overtime of Game 1 was that statement. (Yahoo Sports)

The battle of the goalies pitted a Stanley Cup Playoff novice against King Henrik. Score this one for the kid. (Washington Post)

Upon arriving in Washington, veteran Jason Arnott took Alexander Semin under his wing (or at least tried). On Wednesday, he fed the shy Russian for the game-winning goal. (Toronto Sun)

One great by-product of playing against a Big Apple team is those New York Post headlines. Even better when the locals come out on top. (here's the link: http:www.nypost.comsports)

Wizards Watch

The season ended the way it began, with a loss. There were plenty more of those in between especially on the road. Yet the teams 5-3 closing stretch on the backs of their youngsters with a lottery high pick coming to help - has theWizards feeling optimistic heading into the offseason. (Washington Post)

Big news for those NBA lottery teams projected to have a high pick that are not looking to draft a point guard like Kyrie Irving, but instead a frontcourt stud. Arizona's sophomore power forward Derrick Williams is going pro and signing with an agent.

No Halladay for the Nationals

This just in: Phillies ace Roy Halladay is good, Nats lose. (CSNphilly.com)Lacrosse Day of Rivals

Army vs. Navy on Saturday afternoon, then Maryland vs. Johns Hopkins at night. Sounds like a great way to re-LAX this weekend. (Washington Times)
Putting around

Masters runner-up Adam Scott is making long putters cool. When I see rockers and rappers using one, then Ill believe. Until then, not so much. (Washington Examiner)